Monday, April 28, 2008

The broken road

Every time Beve calls me on my cell phone, what I hear is the voices of my daughters singing a song by Rascal Flats, called "Broken Road." "Every long lost dream led me to where you are...," they sing in their beautiful harmony. "God bless the broken road that led me straight to you." It makes me think of them, obviously. I love hearing them sing together so regularly, even if it is the same song every single time. But it also makes me think of Beve, because a long time ago, a broken road led me to him, and the greatest gift of my life, after salvation itself, is that this was so.

I'm thinking of this today, because my baby brother (though he'll shake his head at me for calling him that when he's a month away from being 37 years old) got engaged over the weekend, and the joy in his voice when he told me made me start humming this song when I got off the phone. There's a broken road he's traveled in the last few years to get here and I've been privileged to walk most of it with him. There was a first marriage that began with so many dreams, then shattered them, for reasons none of us (even him) completely understands. I was there the day that marriage was made legal and the day it was made null and void, and I can tell you I know why God hates divorce--it isn't because He's a legalistic God, but because He loathes to see His children suffer and broken. And I was there many days when he tried to process what had gone wrong. I said goodbye to my brother when he decided to begin a new life on the eastern edge of this country, believing a fresh start where a couple great buddies live would be a better community than living in our house, with only us--as great as we are--to help heal him. It was clearly the best choice for him, God's step in his broken road toward this moment, this woman. There have been missteps--among them, a woman named, of all things (and we'll never forget this!), Soulstice. But that's part of the twists and turns of a broken road, isn't it?

And now there's something in his voice, something I haven't heard in a long time--maybe ever. God has given him something back, something new. And I bless God for that this day. I bless God for this woman, whose broken road (which I know very little about) has also brought her to this place. This woman whom I've not yet met, but already love. And I look forward to knowing her, to hearing about the road they will walk together. I love that God does this. I love that He is the God of new starts, but also the God who walks with us on our broken roads to bring us here.

I love you, little brother (both of you). And, as Jane Austen would say, I wish you joy.

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