Friday, September 19, 2008


A quick post this morning.  When we got home from the Portland area Sunday night, my AC adaptor was waiting for me.  Thrilled to be back up and running, I plugged it in and discovered that in our absence (or maybe even in the few days while it was sitting idle) my computer must have been stepped on.  The screen had a large crack all the way through it, with a black blob obscuring a significant part of the screen.  I think I screamed.  I know I cried.  Then I cried some more when we determined that it would be prohibitively expensive to replace the screen.  The only appalling solution was to buy a new laptop for me.

So last night the Beve and E came in from mowing and said they'd found a great buy.  Leave it to the Beve to be shopping while I thought he was mowing.  Two days ago, they walked in carrying a new set of sheets.  That's how it works with the Beve--he's a little distractable!  Anyway, I pulled myself out of my stupor, put on some shorts while they checked on Consumer Reports for this particular model, and when it turned out to be a CR 'Best Buy', we ran down the hill and plopped down our money.  You know, all those extra hundred dollars we have lying around in case a computer gets stepped on.  It's the same endless supply of money we have for car repairs, cell phones that go out--things like that.  It's always something when you own a home, car, life so that money better be endless, right?  If only.

Anyway, now I'm sitting back in my usual spot, drinking my tea and learning the ropes of this new machine.  I barely felt like I understood the last one.  I liked it, the old model, I wasn't ready to heave it into the great pile of used computers that clog up some great unknown landfill...
This is my fourth laptop--er, notebook.  I got the first one back in 1997 when I was contemplating going to grad school.  My dad helped pay for that one, as his way of encouraging me that my path was one he approved of.  I hated to see that computer die, even though it was as heavy as a large boulder, and cumbersome to carry in my satchel up and down the long hill from car to school in Vancouver, BC.  It served its purpose, though, and helped me get my Masters' degree from Regent College.

And now, three removed from that dinosaur, I'm ready to move my files, help this become personal, and get back to work.  But first I have to call and add accidental insurance on it--I'm not taking any chances this time.

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