Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Computers and stuff

I'm sitting at the desk in our family room, in front of the desktop computer.  My notebook is temporarily dead.  At least the AC adaptor is.  And let me tell you, it has been an exercise in futility trying to get someone at Toshiba to help me with the problem.  Let me say upfront that I am not a techno-nerd of any sort--not even close. But I'm smart enough to know that when the plug-in thingy makes a high-pitched whirr sound, but actually doesn't show up on the icon on my screen as being plugged in that there's a problem.  But this is the second AC adaptor I've bought since February, so this one is still under warranty...so I should be able to get someone to help me, right?  Someone on this continent, I mean.  But apparently not.  I did get four different 800 numbers, gave out my model number four different times, my name (which was immediately mispronounced as Willie!) the same number, but every time was told to call someone else.  And all the while, my computer, which is my lifeline and livelihood, was dying.  And is now dead until the umbilical cord of power can be replaced.  And I'm stuck sitting at this desk, in a chair that isn't very comfortable, fingering keys that aren't as comfortable as mine...

I'm a creature of habit when it comes to writing.  I like things to be just so.  I like my computer, my seat, my entire environment to be exactly the same every single day.  Many writers are like me.  We line up our colored pens in exactly the same order (seriously I do this) get everything set just so and just so...and that gets thrown off, it throws everything off.

And I'm telling you right now, I'm out of sorts and those disembodied voices at the other end of the phone line don't help a whit.  Humorless, compassionless, robotlike. And in India.  India, of all places.  It's nuts.  I just need one live human being down the street to help me get one little cord to plug into the wall and make my computer work. Why on earth do I dial the phone and end up talking to someone half way around the world who should be sound asleep anyway?  Why has life gotten this complicated?  Have you ever called and had to use those voice activated systems?  Sometimes they actually make me start laughing hysterically.  "I"m sorry, I didn't understand you," the computer says, about eighty % of the time, I swear.  It drives me crazy. 

So after about 4 hours of this, I gave up today.  I'll try again tomorrow.  Or maybe I'll get one of my children--who are far more comfortable navigating this world than I am--to help me. 

I'm much better at sitting in my chair and praying.  Or just writing with my colored pens and journal.  Sometimes this world we live in seems too complicated to me. 

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