Thursday, October 16, 2008


We're driving south tonight, so we can make a left-turn east tomorrow.  Over the mountains and through the hills (once you get over the mountains, there aren't any woods going east from here) to see our youngest daughter.  Parents' weekend at her University.  We'll descend with other parents of these kids shelling out big bucks to attend this private university, practically crowding the kids out of the place.  Not surprising, when you think about it, if every student has two parents--why, we could stage a coup!

SK has been counting the hours 'til she sees us.  It's been a hard fall so far--she's too busy, too stressed, too...well, everything.  To her, there's no such word as 'no!', so everything she's asked to do, she tries to do, and plenty more besides.  There have been times in the past when this has led to an all-out panic attack, when she gets so overwhelmed she stops being able to breathe.  So far, she's avoided that this autumn, but a weekend with Mama and Daddy will hopefully alleviate some of her stress.  She does have obligations both nights of the weekend, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning--so we'll either be following her around, or simply have a great weekend by ourselves in a town where we once lived (and our oldest child was born).

We know a whole lot of people in Spokane, where SK studies.  Professors (an old friend from high school, former Young Life leader), the VP of Parent and Alumni relations (also a YL leader, my first Campaigners leader) at the university.  Just a couple short blocks from campus lives a very good friend of the Beve's (they worked for a Sports camp organization together the first year we were married), and not far from them, live four of my closest high school girlfriends. The church SK's been attending turns out to be one another old friend of Beve started.  This pastor is part of one of my favorite stories about hs Beve.  Beve was something of a stud on the basketball court, a necessary ingredient for the team.  But one night, he got to a town north of Spokane, and discovered he'd forgotten his shoes.  Sounds just like the Beve I know and love...Anyway, the coach wasn't very happy, as you can imagine, and they went searching for someone who might possibly lend Beve hoop shoes.  They didn't find anyone who had feet big enough, but this guy--now the pastor of the church SK attends--wore a size smaller and said Beve could use them.  Beve squashed his feet into size 13s, and promptly went out and anhilated the poor team (and someday pastor).  One shining moment, indeed.

We might just see that pastor this weekend, we might catch up with some or all of those old friends.  But mostly, we'll be hugging the Bug, as we've always called her.  Being home to her for whatever moments have. And when she's off to whatever events she has, we'll be SK stalkers!

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