Saturday, November 29, 2008


The turkey's been demolished, the stuffing's all gone, and all that's left is sitting around watching movies on this rainy weekend.  We get hooked into these things when SK is home, especially.  "Lord Of the Rings" is playing on some channel for three consecutive nights this weekend, and we're right there with it.  Sure, we've seen them a few times before.  Maybe that adds to our enjoyment, SK calling me from the other end of the house to say, "Your favorite part's on! (In the "Two Towers", that favorite part is when Gandolf comes riding over the crest of the hill at Helm's Deep; and when  the on-fire ent (a giant tree-man) runs into the river and bends over to put out the fire!)"  The magnificance of Tolkien's genius fleshed out in thes movies never fails awe me.  But, with SK, watching one movie isn't enough.  She has to flip to a channel showing "Notting Hill"--because omg, isn't Julia Roberts great?  So back and forth we go, between battle scenes and love scenes, and by the end, I'm feeling a little schizophrenic, and need a drink (of Ginger Ale!). 

When SK isn't around, our television watching is eschewed toward sporting events. The channel-flipping rotates between football and basketball, college and professional. This time of year, it's a smorgasbord of games.  The other morning, though, they were enjoying some national dog show.  Years ago, we turned on the Westminster Dog show and our purebreed Lab, Jemima, marched right up to the TV screen and began barking.  The only other time any of our dogs has even noticed the television is when a doorbell rings on some show.  That sends them running down the hall toward the front door.

Anyway, I was sitting with SK, innocently watching the movie (s) and knitting (various Christmas projects--E calls me ADD when it comes to knitting because I have so many projects going at the same time), when I was interrupted by a phone call from one of my sisters.  So I missed most of the movies I've already seen before.  Rats!

A week with all our kids in the house, though, usually provides all kinds of interruptions. This one's going out, that one needs help with moving, the Beve has made several plans that he usually  remembers to tell me about.  When they were little, interruptions were the norm.  I remember hoping to actually take a complete shower without one of them coming in to talk to me (never mind knocking--they rarely thought of it.  Mama was behind that door, so they just plowed through).  Just now, as I began this post, Beve interrupted me to ask me to help bring some of J's belongings in from the stuffed car. I wasn't very happy with him, I admit.  My initial reaction isn't always, "Thank you for bothering me!"

Interruptions.  For years, as I've prayed for those interrupting children, I've asked God to interrupt them as they're walking down the halls of their schools, or driving across the state.  I've asked Him to stop them dead in their tracks as they're walking through life, so they see Him, to recognize Him in whatever way, at whatever inconvenient moment He steps through their closed door.  And I want that for myself as well.  Let's train our hearts so that nothing is really an interruption, but simply an opportunity to do Kingdom work, extend Kingdom grace, to sit in His presence because we've climbed out of our own lives and into whatever life He wants us to impact.  Interruptions tend to annoy me, but it's all about prespective, isn't it? When I take off my glasses and put on His, nothing is really an interruption, all is a possibility. This moment--this very moment-- might be the one where the person who needs your time, is actually speaking with our Father's voice! 

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