Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well, we've become Noah and his family around here--and by here I mean, this whole side of the state.  I'd just like to know where the ark is! The rain's come with no large boat to take us to safety.  For those of you who don't know, live here, western Washington is quite the disaster area.  And our own town--Bellingham--is one of the worst areas.  When they have to close major streets in town--like the Guide Meridian-- it's not a good thing.  And though we live on a hill, our basement has water running through it like a river.  We spent hours today putting boxes up on pallets.  The good news is that it caused E to get a vision for cleaning it out (next summer, when presumably, the rain finally stops). We found a whole lot of treasures, including pictures of Beve, J and J's cousin, M, when they went to Buhner buzz night and got all their hair shaved off.  Beve, who is really quite a handsome man, usually, looked exactly like Bull from the TV show, "Night Court" with a shaved dome, and the boys looked like they were cancer survivors.  I wasn't that happy when they got home that night, but today those pictures made me laugh.  We also moved many boxes of books, both mine and J's.  If you've seen our house, where many walls are covered with bookcases, but I've known for years, that I was missing several (a couple dozen?) boxes.   Fortunately, most of those books were fine.  It's an odd thing, I don't really care about a lot of 'things', but books?  They mean everything to me.

We had plenty of time to deal with the basement because school was cancelled here in town.  We're watching the news at the moment, and some rivers around here are 20 feet over flood stage--they're showing pictures of our county.  Apparently we're one of the worst places, and that's saying a lot, given the catastrophe happening south of here. 

It makes you wonder, doesn't it?  I mean about God's promise never to destroy the world through flood again.  What that tells me is that as bad as these floods are, as water overspills every river in western Washington, the world won't be destroyed from them.  The world has floods, earthquakes, forest fires.  These are part of the cycles of nature.  Perhaps they're worse because of the havoc we humans have wrecked on our environment, but these things happen.  It stinks that this is true; there are days when I wish it was always sunny and always summer. But I suppose if I really wanted that, I should move to the equator, and though I don't mind visiting (would LOVE to visit, actually), I don't want to live there.  I like the green, treed world I live in, and that means rain is necessary.  Maybe less than this rain, maybe not so much that we get flooded out of house and town, but, as the song goes, "Jesus, bring the rain."

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