Saturday, January 10, 2009


Picking the perfect paint for a room is always an iffy proposition.  Standing in front of those walls of paint chips, where every color seems to have 40,000 variations.  It's not easy, I'm telling you.  I come home with a dozen tiny pieces of paint and lay them on the counter for Beve to look and and help me decide.  Say  I want our kitchen to be red.  It takes 14 trips to the paint stores, many changes of my quixotic mind, and finally we bring home our gallons of paint.  And then, when we begin painting, I have buyer's remorse like you can't believe.

The first summer we moved into this house, while I was in eastern Washington, Beve picked out and painted our TV room a porcelain blue.  It was wonderful that he would take that initiative; however, I was never really satisfied with the color.  OK, I admit, I'm not really a blue person, though he is.  He really is--enough that when we were engaged and I was working hard to please him, I chose blue for my bridesmaids' dresses.  A sky blue...and I was such a wimp that I let my grandmother pick out the pattern for the dresses.  They were surely the most ridiculous dresses you've ever seen (and I've felt I should issue a general apology to my sisters and friends ever since).  They had so much fabric, we had to buy hoop skirts to wear beneath them, making the women look a whole lot like Little Bo Peep...searching for those dang sheep.  I really am sorry.  On the up side, I think they probably made really good costumes back in the day.

Anyway--anyway!--I'm more of an orange, brown and yellow person myself.  Warm colors.  So almost immediately after the room was painted that lovely blue (hmm, come to think of it, it was just about the same color as those silly bridesmaids' dresses!), I began collecting paint swatches for the color the room really needed to be.  Just so you know, we are not afraid of color around here.  I love all the possibilities of color.  And best of all is Pumpkin (the flavor is pretty wonderful too)!  Now I know many of you out there would no more dream of painting a room pumpkin than you would smearing those walls with pumpkin, but I like it.  And it's my room, after all.  I even bought the paint--probably within the first two months after the blue. 

But that was five and a half years ago--five and a half years in which we lived with the blue room.  It's made this room quite dark, because there's no direct sunlight in these windows.  But we don't move on such things quickly.  It took a while to talk Beve into changing the color, and by then, the list of home projects was quite long.  We've had to work through that list--you know, new floor in the kitchen, remodeled bathroom, exterior painting, cleaning out the carport (which involved selling the old tent-trailer!!!!) dealing with a flood in the basement.  Well, the list is still unbearably long, but today Beve and E began painting this room. 

And it just plain makes me soooo happy.  I really love orange, I have to tell you.  It's such a sunny, warm color.  I already feel like there's more hope in this room.  And today I really, really needed that.

Isn't it amazing how something as prosaic as paint on some walls can help with one's attitude.  It's true, I really love the fact that the world we live in is full of color, that the Creator gave us such variation, and that we get to bring it inside where it brightens up our home.

And even Beve feels okay about my pumpkin room.  Thankfully.

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