Thursday, February 12, 2009

And we're off

So we're leaving in an hour or so, and I'll be off line for the next week.  It really hit me how connected I've become in the last year or so.  The last time we went to Mexico, I barely had a cell-phone, let alone a blog. I checked my email every few days whether I needed to or not.  These days, with the blog, the phone, texting, emailing, I'm hooked to one electronic gadget or another most of the time.  I talk to SK a couple times a day, text all three of the kids daily as well. J and I just had a scintillating--though sarcastic--conversation about Planned Parenthood handing out condoms in Red Square at Western Washington University. He said he felt uncomfortable with the whole idea, and I asked him if he'd picked up any.  He said, "36! which might not last the week."  AH J, such a kidder.  He said girls are all over him like he's handing out bread in Russia.  "So many girls, so little time," I answered.

It's going to be odd to be out of communication with them for a week.  Back in the stone age, when I traveled as a single person, I only talked to my family about once every couple months.  Remember the days of postcards and actual hand-written letters with stamps?  But I don't even send postcards any more. After all, usually we beat the mail home.  We've gotten many a card from a person who has been back home for over a week.  What's the point of that, I ask you?  But I will miss knowing what's going on with my kids.  SK just told me that her friends think it's odd that she talks to her mom so often, let alone text.  But, of course, from my point of view, I am thrilled that my kids like talking to me so much, thrilled that they let me into their lives the way they do.

In any case, I think it'll be good to be out of reach of all these things for a while. To reboot, so to speak.  Maybe bring a little spring (summer, I should say--it's 85 degrees in Cancun currently) to the winter of my soul.  I'm praying I return with a glowing tan, and a glowing heart as well.  And, that I have a new cadre of post ideas. So, see you next Sunday (the 22nd--well, what do you know? we leave on Lincoln's birthday and return on Washington's.  That's what I call a presidential holiday).  Hope your week is half as good as mine will be.

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