Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stream of consciousness

Ok, so I'm just going to let this post meander where it will.  My mind can't manage to stay in position for longer than a single moment. Why?

Because it's hot. Perhaps I've mentioned that a time or two dozen.  But it bears repeating.  I'm sitting here with a fan directly on me, wearing only a tank top and underwear.  Beve just called me out to see the sunset, so out the front door I went.  He was a little surprised to see me in so little.  I just brazened it out, and assumed that no one really looks up onto our patio when they're driving down the street but the heat may have short-circuited something in my brain. 

It was a beautiful sunset.  The sun was a crimson globe on the horizon surrounded by a light rose-colored haze that extended straight across the sky.  There's been a haze over the city all day today, the hot pressure system making everything stagnant, but apparently also making brilliant colors in the twilight.  Even the worst things have possibility of beauty in them...when God is in the picture!

We had to take a break in the middle of the afternoon--went to a movie so we could breathe a little cold air!  We walked in and the air conditioning actually took my breath away, and I should have brought socks. Before we left the theater, my toes were actually freezing in their flipflops.  We saw Public Enemies, at the recommendation of a friend.  I won't be watching it again. All the bullets flying made my head ache.  And I really dislike feeling sympathy for the criminal in movies, though J pointed out that both sides seemed equally difficult to root for in this one.  But that Johnny Depp is one versatile actor.

Tomorrow is Beve's birthday.  The next day mine.  We go south to visit some friends who now live on the water--if it continues to be this hot, I'll be in that water as much as out.  That's a pretty good birthday, if you ask me.

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