Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beve's bed and breakfast

I write this from our new bed, approximately 50 feet off the ground, give or take.  And I don't exaggerate.  As is often our practice, Beve and I bought a birthday gift together, and I'm telling you, I'm one happy woman tonight, even if I have hit the corner of the footboard three times in the last two hours, causing huge welts to rise on my easily bruised legs. It was a herculean task moving it, because this frame weighs at least 700 pounds (like I said, I don't exaggerate).  And setting it up in the heat of the evening made for some tense moments between Beve and me. I'm tired, cranky and irritable--and that's on my good days.  But now it's up, the bed remade and I'm lounging on top, like the Princess and the pea (and yes, I've been known to tear my sheets apart to find the one tiny pea that's gouging into my back).

It's nice to have a good solid bed frame.  We have a lot going on in the next few weeks, and being able to retreat to this bed will be a welcome respite.  The Finns (Beve's oldest brother and his new wife) have landed, and will visit us in the next week, along with Grampie and Thyrza (we don't actually have enough room for everyone, but that's never stopped us!).  Tomorrow night SK picks E up at the airport, after E's ten-day trip to Costa Rica.  E's had a really great time, and you can read about it on her blog:

And our Chinese 'daughter', LB, is coming for the week as well. Bringing two friends with her. They're going to stay in a tent for a couple of nights, but will then move into the house (our girls don't know this yet, but they'll be sharing a bed for the next several weeks, I think, sorry to say!).

We've always had lots of summer guests. It's just part of who we are, I guess. Maybe mostly it's part of who Beve is. He got that impulse directly from his mother, and will treat our guests with buttery pastries, pots of tea, and plenty of graciousness, just like Grammie! And though I'm wired more to look at my home as my refuge, rather than a hostel, I'm always glad (afterwards) that Beve's stretched me toward hospitality. And one of the things Grammie taught us both at the very beginning of our marriage is that even if all the doors of our home are wide open, it's important to sleep in our own bed. (I know, I know, we have amazing friends who insist we sleep in their beds and we are truly humbled by their sacrifice!) But this has been our practice--one that keeps me sane, keeps Beve limber, and allows us the space from which to give.

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