Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Here are a few of the quilts I've been working on:  This orange and green quilt (with Jamaica enjoying it!) was my first full-sized quilting attempt with the sewing machine Beve bought me for Christmas.
This quilt was made of some of the plethora of tee-shirts E accumulated in college.  It includes her hoop proctice jersey, a mission trip T, and many WSU event Ts.  My favorite, at the top in this picture, says, "Going Dancing," and in very small print beside it (originally on the back of the shirt) "No tie required!" This is from the first year the WSU hoop-team made it to the NCAA tourney, with their 'coach of the year,' now defected, Coach Bennett.

This quilt I made for my Berkley-bound nephew, KCK.  Varigated blues of various widths--actually straighter than this picture makes it look. I loved working with a monochromatic color scheme, and even made a couple of pillow-cases to match.
And this shadow-box red, black and white quilt I just finished this afternoon, still needs to be quilted, made for SK, and we all love it.  It's my best attempt to date, and now I now am officially addicted to quilting.  Apparently I like 'contemporary' quilts, rather than the styles my grandmother quilted.  It's an expensive hobby, but what the heck, it's only money, and the satisfaction is sooo refreshing after months of feeling like I'll never finish anything.  Next on the docket is one for E, but first, I need to have a drink of something cool and sit out on the patio under an umbrella.  You're welcome to join me...we have a couple of rooms free for the next few days (don't tell the girls I said that!).

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