Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feeling woozy

Spent the morning at the dentist, my head a little woozy from the two valium they gave me to take an hour ahead of time so that I wouldn't gag when they began sand-blasting my farther back tooth in preparation for a new crown (the way I gagged last time just getting the cracked tooth x-rayed).  It's hours later and I'm still woozy.  I really hate the way such drugs make me feel.  But I sat there listening to 'soft rock' so the grinding was slightly muffled, and the instructions of the dentist and his assistant very muffled.  All in all, a great morning, which has lingered far into the afternoon. 

Now my poor, tiny jaw aches, my body feels separated from my head and with barely the slightest provocation, I could gladly fall into my cups...or my pillow, since I'm not likely to get anywhere near cups, unless it's tea, in which case, bring it on.

I just recovered from a rather nasty cold, though not before I passed it on to E, who now is in its death grip.  Poor kid.  So it's a slow week, one in which nothing productive has happened, nor is likely to.

On that note, I think I'll close, and hope my head re-attaches by tomorrow.

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