Monday, September 7, 2009


It rained last night, which is a common occurance around here for about nine months out of the year. But last night, while we were listening to the rain on the roof, the wind was blowing crazily, making the dogs bark loudly, and then across the bottom of the football game we were watching on TV came the words, "Funnel cloud possible."  Funnel clouds?  Here in northwest Washington? Sure we've had winds so strong pieces of our roof flew off, and rain pounded through the attic straight into our bedroom.  We've had such high winds power has been lost, and school canceled (like the week Jemima died, now that I think of it!). But I don't remember ever being in danger of funnel clouds around here.  Funnel cakes?  In BIG danger of them--in danger of over-eating them at the fair and expiring in delirious joy!  But funnel clouds, ie, tornados--unheard of!  I'm no meteorologist but I've always thought that we had too many topographical outcroppings--er, mountains--for tornados to grow.  Our changes in geography interrupt the wind.  Don't they?  So how the heck would a funnel cloud be possible here?

We were all a little tense, particularly Jackson, whose gimpy leg kept him from being able to race outside and secure the premises by his intense barking at the wind in the trees.  This made him so anxious that Beve had to finally bunk down beside him in the family room.  Even then when Beve finally drifted off on the long white sofa he's been taking naps on since it was in his grandparents' home in Eugene and Beve was a little tyke (it's for another day to explain how said couch ended up in our home--I'd say it was over my dead body, but I'm clearly still alive to complain about it!), Jackson limped outside and began howling at something in the neighbors' yard. I think it might have been the alleged funnel cloud, but Beve and the neighbors agree that it was some other scared-of-the-storm pooch.  Made for a long night.

Needless to say, it was a long night.  Lots of rain--buckets of it coming down all at once, creating a flooded river flowing down our steep street.  Plenty of wind, too--branches are down all over the place.  But no funnel cloud here.  Not even a single funnel of any kind, including cake, sad to say. 

But the rainy season's just hope springs eternal, for me and the dogs.  Can you imagine? A funnel cake flying out of the sky, straight into my ready mouth!

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