Sunday, September 13, 2009

New quilts

  Three new quilts I've made recently.  The top one is for the bed at the family cabin on Whidbey Island.  During a recent visit I asked my aunt if it'd be okay if I used up some fabric I've had for a while (some since the girls were little and I was still sewing for them) to make a quilt for the one actual bed in the bedroom, and she was thrilled.  It's purple and pretty, perfect for a little girl...or for a cabin where the made goal is to be kept warm at night.  The second one was made for E, fabric and pattern chosen by her, the actual construction done by me.  And the last one is simply a big block quilt I made for our king-sized bed, again with some new, but some very old fabric.  It works better than I expected. (It's not really as brown as it looks in this photo, which is what happens when burgundy is out in the sun.).

I know that not all of my readers really care about quilts, but it's what I'm doing these days.  It keeps me off the streets--or from hiding my head under my pillow in dispair.

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