Saturday, October 10, 2009

In a crowd

Spent the evening in a room full of big spenders.  Actually, Beve spent last night in a room like that as well.  This is the 'raise funds' season of the year, and every foundation, organization, church, radio station seem to have their hands out.  There's "Praise-A-Thon' from the local Christian Radio station and "Jazz-a-thon" from the foundation Beve was at last night (a dessert action where a case of wine went for 1100$.   As I said, big spenders. Tonight we were totally in our element...NOT.  It was a wine tasting event for the community scholarship organization here in town.  Wine tasting: just one of the many things I know absolutely nothing about.  Along with automobile mechanics, marine biology, extra-terrestrial beings and...well, the list is inifinite.

The thing is, these kinds of events practically give me hives.  A whole lot of people I don't know, or know just barely (who likely don't know me!), standing around drinking sips of wine (did you know they only give one tablespoon of wine in the glass at wine-tastings?), eating pretty spectacular hors d uvres--which was nice considering we hadn't had dinner.  I can preach a sermon in front of 500 people and  LOVE it.  But put me in a room with a hundred people I don't know and I want to crawl into a hole.  How ridiculous is that?  But I'm not very good at small talk, not very comfortable with chit-chat.  I'd rather have 4 other people sitting at our table, digging deep, that 50 who only want to talk about the food, the weather, hairstyles, and sundry other topics I barely have an opinion about.  And there's always the person who asks a question, then looks away (or even walks away) before getting the answer.  You know that kind of person--they're always looking over your shoulder at someone more important to talk to. When that happens, Beve and I turn to each other and so, "Really, how fascinating."   If we were only going to talk to each other, we could have stayed home, wearing our pajamas.

Beve doesn't really mind large groups like that.  He could make conversation with just about anyone.  He likes the challenge of getting strangers to really open up.  He's interested in people--all people.  In groups we know well, I look like an extravert.  And Beve seems like an introvert.  But the true test is a room like the room tonight.  He navigates it easily and I'd like to hold his hand every second (though I don't!).  Or be home wearing my pajamas.

God made us this way.  It may seem peculiar to people that I could speak to a crowd I don't know, but not want to make conversation in a crowd I don't know.  But that's how I'm made.  Beve would rather have conversations with people than speak to a crowd.  And that's how he's made.  But really, come to our house for dinner (if you're not allergic to dogs).  We'll have a real conversation, meet minds and hearts and eat good food (Beve will make cinnamon rolls--and we'll all be happy.  Wear pajamas, and we'll be even happier.

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