Friday, October 16, 2009


I just have to say a word about my post last night.  Er, the title of said post.  'But still'.  Hmmm.  Once I crawled out of the fog my brain was in, I was flushed in embarrassment to have used such a redundancy.  Many such word combinations fly around in everyday conversation.  You know, like "but yet", one I really, truly hate (did you catch that?  'really truly!').  There's no reason to use these words together, because they have the same function.  Another one, which I hear often is "literally true".  Tell me, is there a way something could be figuratively true?  Symbolically true? 

Then there's 'not hardly'.  My grandmother used to get on us about that one.  I can't remember what she'd say, but whenever I hear that phrase, I think of her.  Is there a difference between not hardly and hardly?  I hardly think so, any more than there's a difference between unravel and ravel.  Am I wrong here?  Literally wrong?  Or just symbolically?

But we allow these phrases to creep into our vocabulary without thinking about them.  Well, I think about them.  I'm the one who internally corrects people when they use the word 'good' rather than 'well'.  Yes, I admit it, I do it all the time, even when the person is on television.  "I'm doing good,"  really, truly I am.  'Good what?' should be the question.  'Good works' might fit, but I'm not sure what else does. 

All this to say that I repent in dust and ashes for having used the redundancy 'but still' last night, when my head was thumping and my body aching.  Not hardly an excuse, but yet I wasn't doing good, so you'll have to excuse me. And that's the truth.  The literal truth.

Indeed, I really and truly thank you for your patience.

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