Monday, December 28, 2009


For Christmas, I decided to take a moratorium from the computer.  Sometimes in our house, all five of us can sit in the same room stuck behind our laptops, not communicating.  So I turned mine off.  Didn't say anything about it to anyone else, just did it for myself.  Instead, because my hands itch to be active, I took up my knitting, which is something I only seem to do in the winter.  Maybe it's because most knitted things are winter-wear/use.  Maybe.  But there's been plenty knitting going on around here, because the weather's been frosty all day, every day.

But that, my friends, is NOT my point today.  My brain seems to have been on a hiatus along with my computer use, even though we've just celebrated the high Holy day on which we celebrate Christ's birth, though, as most of you might know, He was more likely born in springtime.  The dead of winter date was chosen back in persecution of Roman Christian days, to coincide with an already existing festival.  This was done so that Christians could celebrate Christ's birth without fear of reprisal.  We didn't have a very spiritual Christmas this year.  My fault as much as anyone in my family's.  We didn't go to church, partly because Beve and I are dead tired from the long, hard fall.  Partly from just plain inertia.  Sorry to say. 

And partly from what Denise Levertov (taking words from a man confronting Jesus during His earthly ministry) writes of in this poem.

Opening Words
I believe the earth
exists, and
in each minum mote
of its dust the holy
glow of thy candle.
unknown I know,
thou spirit,
lover of make, of the
wrough letter,
 wrought flower,
iron, deed, dream.
Dust of the earth,
help thou my unbelief. Drift
gray become gold, in the beam of
vision. I believe with doubt and
interrupt my doubt with belief. Be,
beloved, threatened world.
Each minim
Not the poisonous
luminescence forced
out of its privacy,
the sacred lock of its cell
broken. No,
the ordinary glow
of common dust in ancient sunlight.
Be, that I may believe. Amen.

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