Sunday, December 20, 2009

Keeping off the streets

Just thought I'd post a few photos of my most recent quilts.  I think I'm developing a style.  That is, I really like contemporary colors and patterns.  Maybe it's because I'm not confident enough to make quilts like my grandmother, or mother-in-law made...or maybe I wouldn't make them even if I could.  They just don't appeal, except to add warmth to my bed at night, and as the heritage they are for my children and me.  These are quilts all hand-pieced and hand-quilted and I'm telling you, the patience such work takes--well, I can't imagine.

 First, the legacy quilts, like the sunbonnet quilt above.  And the butterfly quilt at the bottom...and the Irish chain, made by Beve's Mom. With them are my latest creations, definitely a different ilk.  BB's T-shirt quilt, which I really need to get mailed.  He went to University of Washington, but I might have added a logo or two from the old home-town, cross-state rival.  Then a quilt I've made for a nephew who loves the colors of the sunset, for which I used all Batik fabrics, bordered by black, so it wouldn't look too girly for an almost 15-year-old.  And finally, a quilt-top I just finished, the recipients of which I'm not ready to disclose.  But I have to admit, I've fallen in love with the brown/blue combination!  Can you tell which are mine and which were crafted by a generation (or two) now gone?

The point of all this work is that it keeps me off the streets.  Though maybe I should be more on the streets, more willing to get outside of my house, my little concerns, my own head.  In fact, if this season is about anything, isn't it about that?  About getting outside of our own lives to give gifts, share a cuppa cheer, share--for His sake--life itself, as it came wrapped in whatever clothes the young mama had managed to cart on that donkey with her.  Isn't this the point? Sharing that however we can?  Maybe.  Probably.  Surely.  And now that my own words have convicted me, I'll simply share these quilt pictures, share what has been keeping me off the streets, much to my own chagrin.

And what about you?  What has been keeping you off the streets?

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