Saturday, January 16, 2010


There are a few other blogs in cyberspace that I read now and then (read that as almost every single day) and this morning when I checked in on one of them, there was a 'seven' random things section.  His was full of amazing and adorable photos, and heart-felt words about his church.  Then this: a challenge to list seven random things of my own and post a link to his (which I think you'll love!).  Never one to forego a challenge, I ante up and come up with my own lists on the spot:

Seven foods I cannot live without:
1. Peanut butter. If we run out of PB, we run to the store no matter what time of day or night!
2. Cheese.  The more variety the better.  My favorite? (er, make that two, no three: brie, smoked gouda, and 3. Washington State University's Cougar Gold--which we get yearly for Christmas, thank you LMc!)
4. Tea. A strong black, English tea. (Trader Joe's English Breakfast is good, but PG Tips is my favorite)
5. Bread.  Any, all, the more the better (my body is a living picture of my love of bread.)  See 1. as a complement.
6. Chicken.  My go-to dinner option. Thankfully, Beve doesn't get tired of it.  Also turkey, which I think we don't eat often enough! 
7. Curry.  Love, love, love curry, which Beve and I learned to eat in India, where we had it almost every meal (other than breakfast!).  The best was a curry cooked in a small village over a single burner by the best chef who never went to cooking school, and never even traveled away from that village.  I still dream about that curry!

Seven books I read over and over (not including the Bible):
1. The Narnia Chronicles
2. Pride and,, Persuasion...ok, all of Jane Austen's works
3. Brothers K--David James Duncan
4. Sparrow--Mary Doria Russell
5. A Day In the Life of Ivan Denisovich--Alexander Solzhenitsyn
6.  Wendell Berry's Port William chronicles
7. Lord of the Rings
 (OK, so I cheated a bit.  Can't help it.  It was a task too big for the asking for someone who reads like she breathes.)

Seven heroes with clay feet:
1. Abraham Lincoln, who emancipated the slaves but didn't necessarily find them equal to their slave owners (or any other whites).
2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who brought this country out of the depression, carved peace with other leaders across the world, but was also unfaithful to his wife.
3. Martin Luther King, whose birthday was today, a preacher who spoke prophetically about all this country could be, and put feet to his faith about it, but also had a problem with adultery (and perhaps plagarism in college).
4. CS Lewis (my personal hero) who wrote profoundly about the faith, but also felt men and women were not equal. He'd never have taken me--a mere woman--on as a student, and that breaks my heart! Plus, he was a slob, smoked and was known to throw back a pint or two (though less than his poor brother, Warnie).
5. David, beloved of God, whose heart I desire to emulate, who believed and sinned with equal size, also an adulterer, with a bit of a vengeful streak (see the Psalms about his enemies).
6. Paul, man of God, man of faith, man of acknowledged weaknesses, somewhat sarcastic (see Philemon), and condescending towards women.
7. Jesus--Son of Man, Son of God.  NO CLAY FEET.  None, whatsoever.

Now, here's the link to the original Random Sevens!

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