Sunday, February 7, 2010

The harvest

I was looking through old journals for something I really want to write about, and came across this entry.  Not what I'd intended but a pretty strong word for today, and worth sharing. I'll keep looking for the other.

February 15, 2006
"After a farmer plants wheat, he does not lie awake nights worrying lest radishes come up.  He knows that it is the nature, or we might say the virtue, of wheat to grow wheat.  It is the virtue of acorn to grow oak trees.  And it is is the virtue on prayers that are based upon that which is true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report, to come to fulfillment."     Glenn Clark, Celtic Daily Prayer, 116

A farmer leaves crops in the fields--seeds, I should say--for months and months, allowing them to germinate, root and grow.  He is content to work on other things without going out every hour to check on the progress of his seeds.  Most of that progress is barely discernible for a long time, covered with dirt, then snow, then is merely a dandruff of color in the ridges of sown ground.  The farmer works on other things during those waiting seasons (winter and spring and half of summer), on readying for harvest.  Planning for what he knows will come. Repairing machinery, making sure it's sharp and ready for the work it was made to do.  The work it was made to do--harvesting exactly what was planted in the earth!  There is no uncertainty in it at all.  Sure, maybe weeds and drought and lack of snow cover or too much snow or rain...or too soon.  Things happen to cause worry.  But he sprays the weeds, then waits.  Trusts in the land and weather.  And most of the time--in the Palouse, ALL of the time--the harvest is yielded and it is very good.  The farmer's certainty is true.  His faith is rewarded.

How much do I live this way?
How much do I trust that what I pray--when I pray for His harvest in the lives of those I love, those He loves--how much do I wait for it, trust in it, work with expectation that it WILL come?  How much do I prepare to participate in what I have prayed He will bring?

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