Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photos, Harry

Whenever I think of photos, I always instinctively add, 'Harry' at the end.  Like, "Take another photo, Harry!" And, "Did you get a photo of the cathedral, Harry?"  "yes, Myrtle, I got it."  Deep sigh.  So here are a few of my photos, Harry!  First, My sisters outside of the theatre where we guessed it!

Love the clouds right through the middle of the spans! Taken by my 15-year-old nephew, who got some really good shots.  But who is also now taller than me. And this fact makes me just a little bit sick, to tell you the truth (just kidding, KCK).

Then KCK told me to hold up the bridge for him, which I did.  Whew, such hard work, too.  No wonder I came home so tired!

There may have been some hot fudge Sundaes of various kinds at Ghirardelli.  It had to be a job!

 This is LD, her two sons and me at dinner on Valentine's Day (RE took the photo).  We were pretending we were two couples, because the waitress at the Thai restaurant had just brought us a little red candle for our romantic dinner.  We started hamming it up--here it looks like the KCK brothers are actually a couple. Anyway.  We got to talking at this dinner about our last trip with Mom, how hard it'd been.  We weren't sorry not to have her with us.  However, instantly the thought came that if we could have Dad too, we'd have taken Mom--anytime, any place.  No question!  Great meal, thanks to our long distance tour guide, SK, who out-sourced it with her house-mate, CJ, at San Francisco native!

 OK, so I completely forgot my sisters tee-shirt.  Soooo sorry.  I had it out, I really did.  Right on my dresser, ready to go.  But then something happened, then something else, and you know how it goes.  Sorry little sisters.  I'm still the oldest!  And had a great time with my two little sisters.

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