Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's ahead

E and I travel to the eastern side of the state tomorrow.  I haven't seen my mother since late October.  Not since Beve's sister was alive and sitting in her family room, watching the view out the back windows, talking to Grampie every day on the phone.  Not since Grampie and Thyrza were living in Sequim on their own, though I'm not sure how, I'm really not sure how.  It feels like the whole world has changed since I last saw my mother, which means, of course, that I don't expect my mother to know me from Eve.

But I don't go to see her for her sake.  Last week a doctor told my sister--who, with her family, has heroically visited Mom every single day, whether Mom knew or cared, or even paid one iota of attention--that, for her own mental health, should cut back the visiting to just a couple days a week.  Even these twice weekly visits are more frequent than many people get who dwell in such Nursing Homes.  My sister has been--continues to be--a saint.  I am learning that in my daily life than I even suspected in all the years before, in all those years when Mom had me second on her speed dial after RE, and talked to me daily (while talking to RE a dozen times).  Now I know.  Yep, now I'm really beginning to know.

And while I'm in my old home town, Thyrza will fly across the country to see her daughter, her grandchildren, and her great-grand-babies.  It will be an arduous trip for her, but it's worth it, we all hope.  I've been in constant contact with Thyrza's daughter about all the arrangements (I could add travel agent to my many job skills!).  And while Thyrza's gone, Grampie'll be bunking with us, in SK's pretty, pretty princess room.  He's stayed there before.  It's close proximity to the bathroom, easy access to the kitchen, and the tv in the living room is simple to control.  The dogs will provide hours of entertainment, and I'm thinking I'll actually get more accomplished.

That's a snapshot of the next couple of days, and the next couple of weeks. I could try to make it be deeper than it is, but that's all I've got at the moment.  I have a full-time job these days and I'm tired.

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