Monday, April 5, 2010

At a table

At a table today at one of our favorite restaurants, with boats rocking on their lines in the marina outside the windows, the islands dark and tempting across the bay, and gulls soaring, we talked with our friends about the events of the last weeks, the last few days.  We spoke of ministries--those that have been successful, those that seem to have sputtered  in the water just out the window.  We wondered what the heck we're doing with our lives, and if we have a chance of figuring it out on our own.  We wondered if we'd gotten it all wrong all those years ago when we thought we'd heard Him call our Name.  There have been some nay-sayers.  Some out-and-out "you're dead in the water." And even worse, "We won't help you get going again." Yep, we spoke of those times.  Times when hope left us.  Times when we thought we were alone.  Gulls flew beyond the windows.  Boats sailed.  We drank another glass or two of water.  Talked a little more.  Maybe cried some.

But suddenly--or maybe it's only that our attention suddenly focused!--something changed between us.  The air, maybe. someone else had joined us at that table. Yes, SomeOne else.  And the air changed too.  The air of our words, our attitudes, our focus.  The hope that had seemed dead between us burst forth like sun coming out from behind the clouds out the window.  Like a stone had been rolled away from a tomb.

Like we were walking along the road together, had a man join us, and didn't recognize Him until we sat down to eat.  But when He picked up the bread and broke it, we knew--scales came off and we knew Him.

That's what it was like.  The scales came off, and there He was, sitting right there at the table with us.  As if every word we'd spoken was a prayer, as if every sentence we spoke to each other was directed to Him.  Don't you just love when this happens?  I do.  It's what I live for, really, what I live for. And, after all, that's how the best conversations always are.  We work through the hard parts (and I suppose He was sitting there through all of that as well, just biding His time), and discover that He's there.  And because of His presence at our table, it was the best of all meals--though I can't remember what the food was!  And there was no place I'd rather be.

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