Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An health update

Went to the after-hours clinic this evening, because I've been just short of coughing up a lung all week.  And I thought that was hyperbole until I got there and the doctor listened to my chest.  A nebulizing treatment, and five medications later, I escaped with my life, but just barely.  Apparently one is supposed to be able to take deep breaths without feeling like there's a corset cinching one's ribcage.  Who knew?  We take this breathing stuff so much for granted, don't we?  It's only when we can't do it easily that we realize what a pleasure it actually is.  The daily, ordinary pleasure of breathing in and out.  Ah, sweetness.

I have friends--and a mother--who have struggled repeatedly over the years with bronchial problems.  Not me. So I didn't recognize it when it hit me.  It's just a cough, I thought.  People get coughs.  Don't they?  But not coughs that make your chest close up tighter than Fort Knox, complete with security guards.  As long as I don't cough I do okay.  Or talk.  Or breathe deeply. So other than that, I'm good to go.

Except that I'm not going anywhere.  Not tomorrow or the next day.  Not if I don't want to find myself landed in the hospital--which I don't, thank you very much.  I haven't been sleeping here, but I know this--it's better sleep than I'd get in the hospital! 

Yep, at least bronchitis, and maybe walking pneumonia (whatever the difference is).  In any case, I'm walking around with it, alright, but I probably won't be posting for the next few days. It wears me out.

P.S.  Just glanced down and realized why the doctor had serious concerns about me--I'm wearing two different color of Crocs.  Yep, she really must be sick. 

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