Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just in time for Mother's Day

Because it's taken me two days trying to get these uploaded, I'm going to post these photos of my latest quilts tonight...who knows, with the week I've had, the pictures might disappear by tomorrow.  Have I ever mentioned that I'm somewhat slow technologically?

 This is the quilt I made for Thyrza for Mother's Day.  It's made from all the flowered fabric I've kept from the dresses sewn for my daughters when they were little girls, mostly by me, but a couple by Beve's mother.  Thyrza bought some of that fabric for me/them back in their little-girl days, so it's like the circle of life to give it back to her in a quilt.  She loves flowers, and what better way to give her flowers for Mother's Day than these that will never die.  Happy Mother's Day, Thyrza.

This is the first quilt I started when I decided I wanted to learn to quilt a year ago.  It was way over my head.  Ridiculous that I should start with such a quilt, but in for a penny...I put it aside until a few weeks ago and finally finished it now that I'm more proficient.  Here it's all laid out, half pinned, ready to have the batting cut off, so I can do the hard, actual work of quilting.  I don't know what I'm going to do with it.  When I decided to make it, I thought it would be big enough for our bed, but math isn't really my forte.  Or even close to my forte.  It is sadly undersized.  A large lap quilt. Maybe I'll send it to Pullman to my mother...though she won't notice. Sigh.

This is the quilt I made for our Bed.  It's enormous.  120 inches long by 108 wide.  It's in my queue to quilt--er, to lay out, pin, then quilt.   I love, love, love these colors. It's my fourth attempt in making a quilt large enough for us, but I finally got it right.  One of these days, maybe I'll get a quilting calculator, then I won't have to rely on my own brain, and waste all these perfectly wonderful quilts.  Well, I suppose they aren't really wasted, but they sure don't work for the Giant in my bed.

In this year of quilting, I've made 18 quilts.  Not bad for a novice.  And I'm telling you, it's been a good way to work out my salvation in this last year.  Better than therapy, which I would have spent a fortune on, and there's actually a beautiful quilt at the end.  I know--I KNOW--I would not be healthy right now if I wasn't praying at my cutting table and sewing machine.

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