Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The numbers

45: the number of years Beve and I have known each other
22: the number of years our families lived across Janet street from each other
340: Beve's house number on Janet Street
365: Our house number on Janet Street
71: the year Beve became a Christian
71: the year I became a Christian
75: the year we graduated from high school
7: the number of years between high school and when we got to know each other again
2: the number of times we saw each other in those years (and we both remember them!)
82: the year I traveled to Finland and saw a grown up Beve and thought, "Oh wow. Oh, maybe!"
12: the months I waited/hoped for God to hit him over the head about me (thank you, God!)
0: the dates we went on before we got engaged
0: the times we kissed before we got engaged
26: the years we've been married
3: the amazing kids we have
A google: the laughs, conversations, cries, loves we've shared. 
1: The God we serve.

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