Tuesday, May 11, 2010


You know how you go about your business, work, worship, say your prayers, minister to those God calls you to minister to, help old ladies across the street (or everywhere!), aren't mean to dogs, and all of life seem smooth sailing?  You know those days?  Everything seems to work just the way it's meant to, just the way you're meant to, you spend time in the Word, speak the Word, allow the Word to speak through you.  Yep, smooth sailing.

But sometimes, you hit bumps.  Choppy waters, to continue that metaphor.  Times when you work and worship, say your prayers, minister to those God calls you to minister to, help the old ladies, aren't mean to dogs, but NOTHING seems to work the way it's supposed to.  Your worship lacks something, when you try to pray, your mind wanders in fifty different directions in the first twenty seconds.  You can't even figure out how God might want you to minister to, and you're just as likely to almost hit an old lady crossing the street as help her (and she'll probably cuss you out for your trouble!), and you'll accidentally kick your dog without even trying.  Yep, sometimes life is like that.  All choppy water.

That's what it's felt like around here lately. And my response to such choppy water?  Elemental prayers like this: "Please God, please God, please God, please God."  That's about all I can sustain lately.  And you know what?  That's all He needs.  I don't have to pull out a doctrinal thesis to explain what's been going on in my life or in my heart.  He knows intimately.  Better than I do, actually.  In fact, it's come to my attention that perhaps I am prone to spending too much time explaining things to Him usually.  I mean, HE'S GOD.

As He's made breathtakingly obvious to me in the last several days.

But there's a back story (as usual with me!). For several years I was very close friends with a group of women who called themselves 'the tablelegs'.  This name is taken from the idea that one person is on a table, while four hold her up, carry her to Christ, ala Mark chapter 2, where the men lowered the lame man through the roof to be healed by Jesus.  We came together by way of praying for our kids, who were of an age, and we stayed together, praying for everything else. But a couple of years ago, one of us got a job that took her out of our weekly orbit, a few of us made the painful decision to leave a church, one of us moved away.  We've drifted apart.  I'm not the only one in a season of dealing with parents on a very regular basis, leaving less time for friends.  I've missed these women.

And, it turns out, God knew it.  My "Please God" was enough.  Last week, the friend who moved away called to say she'd been having a cup of tea, was thinking of me, wondering if things were okay with me.  I spilled more than she might have expected.  And on Sunday, another 'Table-leg', wishing me a 'Happy Mother's Day,' told me that God had nudged her--about three weeks ago, to start praying for the exact situation in my life that has been the area of greatest need--without my having told her a thing!  And yesterday, the artistic leg among us sent me a picture she'd begun several weeks ago that God has told her was meant for my family.  This picture is a dead-on vision that God is here and He is not silent.  He has not forgotten me.  Any of us.  The Tablelegs have reared their precious arms to lift me up once again, and it's so sweet I can hardly speak for knowing it.  And the one who lifts me with my friends, is the one with holes in His hands.

Sometimes, I can hardly believe God loves me so much that He reminds me again and again and again. Even in the hardest moments, even in the worst of times.

Here's my friend's picture...
Rosie Harris, www.gallerywalkoffaith.com

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baabaa said...

Hello fellow tableleg..as i was researching tonight here you and your heart for word and friendshiP are. What a precious season that was.