Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What they're worth

My latest quilt offerings.  The top is the one I made for J, which he finally managed to bring home for me to photograph.  He says the cats who share his abode have taken up residence on this black and blue beauty, so he stopped using it on his bed and needs another one.  I didn't have to tell him how I felt about that, how I feel about cats, though I have to say, as cats go, those cats at his house are pretty unique.  Beautiful too.  They're like great-great-great-great to the 16th generation from bengal tigers and have the dark orange and black coloring to prove it. Completely stunning, though I still don't know that I want them sleeping on J's quilt.  However, that's not for me to say, along with most things in his life, as hard as that is for me.

But I digress.  I made these two baby blankets for the new babies in Beve's family.  That's right, folks. Grampie's a great-grandfather now, which gave me a perfect opportunity to make baby quilts, and backed them with 'minky' backs, which I wish had been around when I was making quilts for my babies 20+ years ago.

And there are more where these came from.  It's cheaper than therapy, and lately therapy has been necessary. But it's more than therapy, it's prayer. Groaning and praying some more.  My sewing machine like a prayer wheel--yes, that's what it's like. It's true, as I sew, I pray.  For the person for whom the quilt is being made, for others He puts on my heart, for the fish in the Gulf, the ordinary citizens in Afghanistans. I pray for those who make reasonable laws in Washington, and those who make unreasonable ones in Arizona.  Or the other way around, perhaps (though not from my point of view).

So you might look at these quilts and see color and fabric and thread.  But I look at them and see prayer.  And that, my friends, makes them worth more than what they're made from. It's what they're made into that counts, and I'm not talking about quilts. God alone knows what He'll make from these prayers.

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