Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Palouse

Still in an interminable waiting mode around here.  So, while we wait, I thought I'd take you on a small tour of the 'home-land.'  I love the western side of this state, have made it my home for many, many years, but there is beauty to behold here, folks, and I'm happy to show it to you.  This picture tour comes to you with thanks to three of my four siblings who each took at least one of the photos, and to my youngest daughter, SK, who also contributed to it. 
The Snake River and the beautiful, very steep canyons where we swam as children, rode in boats as young adults, and my sister's husband's family has a ranch.  At the top of the canyon (which is called 'the breaks') are the rolling hills one usually thinks of as the Palouse.

SK and I standing in a wheatfield, ripe for the harvest, on a hot August afternoon, just to show you how high the wheat grows.  When it's ripe, wheat isn't prickly to walk in, though it also isn't as soft as it appears in this picture, when you might imagine you could lay on it like on a down mattress.
Kamiak Butte beyond the fields, from the road into town from my sister's.  The rolling hills are mirrored by the rolling clouds.  I love how those clouds play over the hills, changing the color of the fields.

Wheat, white with harvest, with garbanzo beans beyond.  And the Moscow mountains of Idaho in the distance.

 This is my Father's world...I hear Him pass in the rustling grass, He speaks to me everywhere.

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