Saturday, October 9, 2010

One of the seven dwarfs

I've been in a grumpy mood today.  Maybe it's because I'd barely roused myself from the bed and walked into the kitchen before Beve was asking me to find the whipped cream dispenser.  He'd made hot chocolate and needed his whipped cream.  He was in quite the middle-of-the-day perky mood, which, to him, it actually was, since he gets up before the sun manages to New York!  I can't even think that early, let alone figure out where Beve hid his whipped cream dispenser last spring when he had his last cup of hot chocolate before it got too hot.  I did manage to find it (in the china hutch--of course!). Whew, dodged that bullet.

Then we had to race over to Grampie's so we could call his son, R, in Finland.  The other day, I had a moment of deep heart ache when Gramps called to ask me if I knew how to call R.  Yes, I told him, I did know. Walking to the phone list we keep on the wall beside our phone, the very list Grampie made for us years ago when he was still functioning on more cylinders, I slowly gave him R's number.  "What time is it there?" he asked me.  This, too, is a question he used to know the answer to without even having to think.  R's lived in Finland for 30 years, and for most of that time Grampie could simply look at the clock and instantly say what time it was in Helsinki.  He always knew when to call in order to catch R.  But then this last question, "Is he at school now?"  "Grampie, " I answered gently. "It's 2 AM right now, he's sleeping."  "But is he working now? Or is it still summer there?"

Conversations like these with Grampie get to me because I feel like I walked this very road before with Mom.  The next day Grampie bought an international phone card and wanted to have one of us come over and 'install it on the phone' so he could call R.  I tried to explain it didn't work that way, but he couldn't follow.  So Beve and I went over this morning to place the call across the globe where R was watching TV with his wife on a Saturday evening.  Beve and I chuckled at how Grampie puts the phone on speaker, then holds it up to his forehead.  Inexplicably.  And Thyrza sits in the next room with the other phone, and sooner or later, whether just across the city, or across the pole, Grampie and Thyrza will start talking (even bickering) with each other, get completely distracted from the conversation at hand.  Today they were disagreeing about whether R had ever been to their place here in B'ham...and Thyrza's deep sighing and odd, nervous chuckle when it was clear that she'd forgotten he was here for three weeks in July was telling.  She hates thinking she's ever forgetful, though she's just barely better than Grampie. And that's really frustrating at times. Now I'm the one deep sighing. Then suddenly they were telling each other they had to get to lunch, and there was R, still on the phone, and we were sitting there, and Katie bar the door, they were on a tear, slow motion as it is in their walker-world.

So we high-tailed it out of there (gladly, I have to say) and I came home to sit in our living room and watch the rain. But somehow I'm still grumpy.  Need a nap.  Or maybe just some quiet.  Or church.  Or all of the above, all at once.
Hope your Saturday's more exciting. Hopefully you're Happy or Sleepy or even Dopey.  Anything but Grumpy.

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