Monday, December 6, 2010

Empty nets?

After her concert Saturday night, we visited with a few of SK's good buddies (mostly guys she's been singing and hanging out with for years!), then took her and her housemate ML out for dessert.  ML was along on the trip to help the tour director with all things organizational.  It was fun to sit at the Cheesecake Factory and listen to these young women talk about their lives.   As the conversation wound around through fashion (new boots bought online for a brilliant price!) to a party they were missing (one with a black and white theme, and the costume part was what they actually missed most!), then, as these things do, the topic turned to the future.  To their plans in the immediate future and after graduation (ML is about half a year behind SK in school).

At the moment both young women are about to apply for various internships around the country.  SK has eleven in mind to apply for, most of which have deadlines in the spring.  Her adviser has been very encouraging to SK, is certain the most difficult thing for her will be when she has to decide between the several who offer her positions.  ML, on the other hand, spoke to one of her professors about a couple of internships she was interested in and the professor told her not to even bother applying, because she hadn't a chance of getting them.  "Everyone wants those," this professor told her. It was a bit of a slap in the face to ML, that was clear.  And as she talked I thought of something that had been marinating in my brain for a while.

When the disciples returned to their boats after the resurrection, the fish weren't biting.  Nothing seemed to be going their way.  But Jesus (though they didn't recognize Him) said, "Cast your nets."  "The fish aren't biting," the disciples argued.  As we are prone to do.  Argue with the one who actually knows a thing or two about what's true, rather than what appears true.  We tell Him those dang nets are empty.  Or there aren't any jobs.  I won't get into that college.  I'm not good enough.  I can't do that.  They won't hire me.   "Cast your nets," Jesus says.  On one hand is everything the world says, and on the other is what Jesus says.  What are we going to believe?

We know what happened next. Those silly, recalcitrant disciples who'd returned to their boats EVEN AFTER THEY'D SEEN THE RISEN CHRIST managed to stop paying attention to what they saw and do what the Man said.  They cast their nets and pulled in so many fish that John even in his nineties when he wrote about it could remember the exact astonishing net-ripping number (153).

So I said to SK and ML Saturday night.  Cast your nets, women.  Don't let the world around you tell you what you can and can't do.  Let Christ.  Listen to Him.  If He's urging you to apply for some job or internship or school, do it.  And--and this is an essential way in which He speaks to us--listen to those wise ones He has placed in your life.  The wise ones who also listen to Him.  

When I said these things to the girls young women across the table from us Saturday night, SK said, "Is that going to be a blog post, Mama?"  "I suppose it just might," I answered.
And so it is.  Just for her.  And ML and all their friends who are in the same boat these days!

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