Monday, December 13, 2010

Sleep deprived--again

We hardly drove anywhere today.  That's the good news.  Since E and I left home Friday morning we've clocked approximately 2 million miles in our Highlander.  We spent two days in Spokane carting around various members of the family in various configurations in the car, including one short drive from the Spaghetti Factory to First Presbyterian Church when we crammed seven of us in the five passenger vehicle.  Cozy!  Or crazy, depending on your point of view.

Today we merely drove into town and back, but never fear, E and I will climb back in that car for the drive home tomorrow--via Moses Lake because E's most important appendage (ie, her computer!) was accidentally left in her cousin's car.  I honestly can't remember the last time we simply drove to Pullman and back without a detour one direction or the other.  Cousin SE isn't too unhappy we have to swing by her house to grab the computer because it means we get to take her border collie, Shep, home to her.  Shep, the world's smartest dog, was left here a week or two ago, when he ran off with the other house dogs and missed his ride home.  So ol' Shep (who isn't all that old) is hitching a ride with us.  Maybe he can teach us a thing or two along the way about how to get our dogs to shape up.

I am tired, though.  For some ridiculous reason, I woke up this morning even before my farmer brother-in-law who gets up earlier than...anyone, I was going to say, then I realized that I'm married to a man who crawls out of bed some mornings at about 3 AM.  The other morning he actually walked straight into the wall when he was aiming for the bathroom, Beve did.  WHY?  It was 2 AM and he was afraid to turn on a light because he knows that I'm usually barely falling asleep about that time.  My very thoughtful husband didn't want to bother me, and he has the lump on his forehead to prove it.  But this morning, I could have called Beve at 5:30 AM and had a coherent conversation with him.  Wouldn't that have freaked him out? 

The rest of the day I've felt it.  I mean I've really felt it.  My sister said, "You should take a nap this afternoon..." "Yeah, right," as my mother would say.  Instead I'd rather just jumble my words, misplace them altogether, stumble over my feet and feel grit in my eyes the whole livelong day.  Hmmm, maybe my mother didn't have Alzheimers after all.  Maybe she was just faking all those naps she claimed to be taking. 

So that's my story today.  I'm tired.  Sleep deprived.  I know.  Same old story, right?  But I'm in the middle of a pretty bad bout of insomnia.  When the trouble I have falling asleep creeps over into trouble staying asleep, it's really bad.  Eschews EVERYTHING.


Tomorrow--or the next day--when I've had more than a nap through the night, I'll return to my natural cheery self.  Or at least my natural self.  Until then...

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