Thursday, January 20, 2011


January 20, 1989.
George W. Bush was inaugurated President. And this tiny dumpling inaugurated an era into our lives with less pomp and circumstance, but a whole lot more lasting, meaningful change.
It snowed in North Tacoma the morning we brought her home.  Her older siblings had played in it with Grampie and Grammie for a little while, but mostly spent the morning with their noses pressed to the front window.
This was a nightly ritual in our home in those days.  Baths, then a book on Daddy's lap (though J obviously wasn't thrilled that SK was stuck in the middle of the whole affair that night).  She learned to love books at an early age.

 She was one happy baby, our last child.  I'm talking happy.  She came into this world to make people laugh, I'm certain of it.  Her grin was as big as her face, and made total strangers become her friends.

This was her first birthday.  I didn't wait until the cake was cooked to let her have her first taste.  I mean, batter is the best past, isn't it? Don't know why she doesn't have a bib on, however.  What was her mother thinking?

She was a complete ham, too.  She shares that with her Daddy.
See what I mean?  Mugging for the camera is always something these two are willing to do.  Ask them to act silly, and they'll be there all night.  Ask them to be serious for a moment, and...well, it could take a while.

Speaking of her Daddy, walking in his shoes was always a fun game.  I'm pretty sure they all had their shoes on inside his size 14s.  (Notice J doesn't even have them on the right feet!)  These are the shoes SK danced on when she got a little older and wanted to dance with her Daddy. These are the ones strong enough to carry her when her little legs wouldn't carry her themselves.

SK's first kiss.  Just couldn't resist putting this in her history.  A younger man, too.  Adam here is a full three months younger than she is.  His twin brother was watching the whole performance, beside their dad, who does seem a bit off-put by the whole thing.  SK, seriously, what were you thinking?

Always a fashion-conscious female, even at five, she picked out accessories carefully.  You can't see them in this picture, but there are lace socks on her feet too.  Oh my, oh my, if I'd only known.

And then there was this...oh wait, how did this get in there?  Basketball?  SK?  It must have been an aberration.  But she really did play a season.  Loved, er, liked, er, tolerated every minute of it too.  Then went back to her music and drama without a whimper of regret.
She's 22 today.  A woman with a large heart, big dreams, a passion for Jesus, and a desire to please Him and live expansively the life He's given her.  I'm so grateful for her, so blessed that she was given to us.  And I can hardly wait to see what He will do with her and for her.  Watch out, world, she's coming!

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