Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A few offerings

I haven't really been idle in the last several months, though sometimes it feels that way.  Things just move slowly with small children the elders and their needs.  However, these are my Christmas offerings.  The front one is a tree skirt for a niece who loves the color blue and married a man who grew up without a live Christmas tree because his mother had pollen allergies.  I didn't know this as I made this, but it sure made the giving of it a sweeter thing.  Their first live tree and a tree skirt to match.  Yes, a little large, but with plenty of room to grow. 
 The back quilt was made for my older niece.  It isn't a tree skirt, though with a couple of quick snips can be made into one.  At the moment, it's a table-topper, a simple (ha!) lap quilt or whatever she'd like to use it for during the holidays to come.  I wanted to make these gifts different from each other, because I never like doing the same thing twice, but after finishing the tree skirt, wasn't capable of creating something completely new, so just their signature colors and different purposes.  And trust me, that ridiculous octagonal shape was NOT for the first-time quilter, nor even one as new at it as I am.  But I'm learning.  Still I love the colors of each of these projects, the way the different colors make them personal and unique.

A long-promised quilt for our friends, J and K.  It was supposed to be for Christmas 2009.  I finished it on Christmas Eve 2010, just two hours before handing it over to them still slightly wet from our dryer.  The colors aren't quite right in this photograph, but they really are deep, dark and rich.  I'd have this on my bed in a flash if I thought I could get away with it.  I seriously love the fabrics on this quilt so much that I signed up for a quilting club at a local fabric shop, a club which specializes in this collection.  I haven't tried quilting in company before, but look forward to the community of it all.  After all, quilting at its source was communal.  Back in the days when women quilted because it was the way to cover actual beds, they joined together to share fabrics and stories with regularity.  So I shall try my hand at such a community as well.  I've never felt certain I was interested in the kind of talk that went with crafting, but I am interested in the craft itself, so it's worth a shot.

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