Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Copying Ten on Tuesday

E and her blogger--or is that bloggy--friends participate in this activity called "Ten of Tuesday," which I always enjoy, because I like to learn more about my child. And now that SK has joined in, I especially like seeing what the girls/young women tell me about their lives.  But I've never felt the need to answer these questions myself, because I spend just about every post writing my-life-as-an-open-book kind of things.  However, the first question of today's "Ten on Tuesday" is something I've been thinking about a whole lot lately.  So I thought I'd take a shot at the list of these 'young punks' (as Grampie would put it). With my own spin on it, of course. Smile!
 1. What is your favorite childhood memory?
 What I've been thinking about actually is my first childhood memory which is a lot different than my favorite.  My first is of being in a church.  Interesting, huh?  I was dressed up in a very fancy dress, and the church was dark stone, and I was with my grandparents because my mother was busy at the front.  In fact, it was my aunt's wedding, I've since determined, and my mother was an attendant.  Just a few weeks before I turned two.  By the way, my sister Dump's first memory is a taste.  And the taste is wood.  Chewing the wooden railing on her crib.  Also very fascinating, if you knew her.  She's all about taste, that sister.
But my favorite childhood memory undoubtedly have to do with being at our cabin on Whidbey Island.  Sleeping outside, swimming in the sound, riding bikes to Bayview Store.  Hauling water from the well, learning to sew on a treadle sewing machine, and cook on a wood stove.  It was like living a hundred years in the past.

2. What is your favorite quality about yourself?
I'm so succinct in my writing.  Just kidding.  Actually, I think it's that I'm passionate.  I mean, I'm almost always all in...I'm just not half-hearted.  In relationships, interests, conversations, emotions.  And you always know what you get with me.

3. What is your favorite thing that your child does?
Well, they all have Beve's great sense of wit. And his loyalty.  E thinks logically, J thinks deeply, and SK thinks passionately.

4. What is your favorite thing to do to relax?
Read in the bath, read in front of a fire, read by a pool, read in bed...well, you get the idea.

5. What is your favorite restaurant? And what is your favorite thing on the menu?
I love Thai.  Several years ago, E and I made a point of going to all the Thai restaurants in town--there were 10 at the time.  My favorite is probably Supon's.  A little dive-ish, but oh sooo good.  And I always, always order Curry.  Red or Panang.  However, on a completely different vein, the Abbey Garden Tea Room is a must any time we have out of town guests, and their high tea is amazing!

6. What is your favorite piece of jewelry (besides your wedding ring)?
I only every wear earrings besides my wedding ring.  About 90% of the time I wear the same tiny diamond gold hoops.  I like others, but I just don't think about it.  And my watch, of course, which doesn't even feel like jewelry. The way some people don't get out of bed without putting on their glasses, I don't get up without putting on my watch.  If I forget it, I'm lost for the day.

7. What is your favorite night of the week M-TH? And why?

Friday because Beve will sleep in the next morning, so he won't go to bed as early.  And every night of any vacation.  For the same reason.

 8.What's your favorite dessert?
Anything lemon.  However, we made this pumpkin bread pudding for Thanksgiving that I've been dreaming of ever since.  I do love pumpkin.  I'm not--oh, the revelation here!--a huge chocolate fan. Don't hate it, just don't prefer it, if there's a choice. 

9. What is your favorite item in your make-up bag?

Thanks to my daughters, I'm more of a make-up person than I used to be. E bought me a Stila travel palette of eye-shadows for Mother's Day last year, and that's been in my purse ever since.  I don't really use much else. Perfect colors, right consistency, lovely mirror with magnetic closure.  What's not to love?

10. What is your favorite smell?
Coffee, freshly ground.  Second:  Wood on a campfire (evokes my dad and childhood.  See #1).

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