Sunday, February 13, 2011

His looks will confuse you

What a day.  An oh so wonderful, full of everything, very good day!  But I'm exhausted now, fighting a cold, and just need to veg a bit. Ruminate a bit more on the best of the teaching, let the best of the fellowship marinate along with it...and write about it when I'm a little more coherent.

In the meantime, I thought I'd post some unoriginal work.  Annie Dillard might call such things, "Found Poems," though these are neither found nor poems.  They are far more interesting and entertaining than that (at least to me, and therefore, I'll subject you to them!).  One of Beve's roles this year is to be the counselor for the Grads program, which is newly housed at his high school.  This is the program for the teen moms in the district who want to finish high school.  They come to school with babies in tow, and work hard to juggle the demands of being new moms while still teens with all that means.  Beve has spent a lot of time in their classroom this year, getting to know them and working with them. So at the end of the first semester, they were asked to write a descriptive paragraph about him for their final in English.  Beve was given those paragraphs last week and we've enjoyed them more than the girls probably intended.  They're sweet and clever and funny and kind.  They have a lot of opinions about how he dresses, and even his style of glasses; apparently, to quote one of them, his looks will confuse you!
So, here are some exerpts:
"Mr. W. has two or three children...all of which he's put through college.  I find this amazing that he's managed raising a family, kids and wife, traveling outside of the America and still getting his kids through college.  I think as a consequences of living with women, Mr. W has a strong appreciation for chocolate.  He always has chocolate with him."
"Mr. W is a silly-looking tall man with glasses who is willing to talk to any student here at SqHs.  He is over six feet tall and looks like a huge giant! Anytime you are talking to him you have to look up at him. When first meeting him you might think that he looks like a strict guy but after talking to him he is one of the nicest people you would ever meet."
"What can I say about this man? He is tall and slim.  He has all his hair without any bald spots.  He wears glasses that go with his face that are not the big huge ones that people always make fun of.  He is the best counselor I have ever had during my high school years."
"Mr. W is tall, like over six feet tall!  He has a lot of long features such as his legs, arms and torso.  He also wears thin frame glasses over his blue eyes and I've never seen him go without shaving his face.  Mr. W has a narrow set of teeth and smiles a lot. When he talks it's a low tone that isn't real husky but kind of a matured sound.  He's probably in his late forties or early fifties and is starting to grey a bit.  I would say that his dress is something I would expect from an ex-basketball coach, and current high school counselor."
And this whole paragraph:
He's tall like Kobe but not quite as dark, loving like Oprah but not so girly.  His name is Mr. W, SqHS counselor.  Mr. W is a charming and understandable man.  He is quite serious at first but becomes very sociable and funny afterwards. With his tall appearance and bright smile he knows how to light up the room.  His ideas toward education and life are positively creative.  You could easily mistake him as a boring old man with his square shirts, classy pants, grey hair and 1990-styled glasses, but take into mind that his looks will confuse you.  His attitude toward his students is admirably courteous.  His heart is in the right place when it comes to them.  He could easily understand a student's outside of school situation and does his best to better them out in the real world as well as supporting them in their education.  He has the skills to guide many students into the right path.  The advice that comes from his rough voice and doughnut-smelling breath aid many in their growth to happiness!

Ah, Beve.  He's a good one.
Enjoy your week.   Wow, I mean, Happy Valentine's Day.

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Absolutely hilarious and adorable!