Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's a...

It's a Kindle.
Kind of like saying, it's a boy, or it's a girl.
Tonight we went out to dinner for Valentine's Day (apparently our nurse actually should be earning the big bucks--it was a virus!) with Grampie and Thyrza, at a mighty tasty Asian buffet.  Mighty tasty.  The giants in my life are big fans of buffets, BIG fans.  You know, more for their money and all that.  So in the almost three decades I've been hanging around them, we've bellied up to plenty of them.  Some good, some...well, imagine me waving my hand horizontally side to side a few quick times here, and hope you can guess what that means.

But this buffet was amazing.  Sushi, to begin with. Wonderful sushi. Ah, I'm happy just thinking of it all.
Anyway, as we sat there, Grampie had a presentation to make. Grampie loves presentations.  He gave me this carefully wrapped gift (in Birthday wrapping paper, thanks to E).  It was his way of saying thanks for all I've done for them in the last year.  What a gift.  It was at Beve and E's encouragement, something very clear when Grampie kept asking where all the books were and how they could fit in that little thing. 

But I'm grateful.  To all of them.

Now, if you'll excuse me.  I have some books to buy.
But just so you know, my first download was the Word.
Priorities, you know.

P.S. Beve's fortune cookie was actually so good, I put it in my pocket: "Half of being smart is knowing where you're stupid."
I can name two ordinary 'places' where I KNOW I'm stupid--auto-mechanics and Scrabble.  One won't surprise you, the other surely will.  But it's the truth.  I don't see words in my head, nor on little tiles in mixed up forms.  I see images.  Words come from some deeper place. A different part of my brain.  Don't ask me how.  Neurology is another thing I'm pretty stupid about, but at least it isn't ordinary.

And one more thing, since this is a post about all things under the sun, now: tonight when we talked over the weekend with Grampie and Thyrza, telling them about my extended family coming for a visit, Grampie said, "And your mother's coming, of course."  He was awfully embarrassed when I reminded him that my mother was dead.  Scrunched up his face--as he does--and apologized all over the place.  Ah, Grampie.

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