Monday, February 7, 2011

Beve's new phone

Beve's had this day marked on his calendar for months. Er, make that years.  And let's just be honest, it wasn't to see my smiling face that he came racing home from school. "I feel a scratchy throat coming on," he told E this morning when she called him to say the mailman had just delivered his package.  And though he got home about 4 PM, he didn't even take his coat off until almost 8 PM.  Instead, he and E sat straight down on the family room sectional and began 'sinking' Beve's new toy phone.  iPhone, that is.

Yep, we're Verizon customers so Beve's been waiting for this day.  Last week, he gave J the charge of placing his order the first minute after midnight the day the iPhone was made available to Verizon.  J spent all evening, checking, and was able to place the order at 11:45, 16 whole minutes earlier than expected.  Magical!

So all evening, Beve's been playing with his new toy iPhone.  Watching you-tube clips, playing games, doing all sorts of other things that are far beyond my expertise or interest.  I tease Beve about his nightly Craigslist devotional(by the way, don't go looking up Craiglist--definitely NOT the same thing without the s), followed by a couple of hand-held device games of something or other.  Now we'll have to add some kind of iPhone viewing to his nightly ablutions.  They are rather like his ablutions, after all--the things he has to do in order to wind down enough to go to sleep.

The iPhone isn't really something I'm inclined toward, to tell the truth.  I mean, half the time I forget where I've put down my cell-phone.  Yesterday I never even turned it on and didn't notice until I was getting ready for bed.  I just can't quite get in the habit of being married to this electronic device.  Sometimes I actually like the idea that I'm unavailable to anyone.  And I'd rather choose when to look at my email.  Once a day is plenty.  I just don't need to have my phone tell me I have new messages every few moments.  It's just hard to imagine that I'll get a message in my inbox so important it can't wait a few hours--or even a few days--until I see it.

But I'm thrilled for Beve.  I really am.  I love that he was excited about it, waited for it, and now has it.  He'll use it.  And lately it's been a little like talking to an old scratchy phonograph when talking to him.  And sometimes the dinosaur cuts out for no earthly reason.  Yes, I think we'll all be glad for the clarity of this new phone, though the first person he spoke to this evening had to tell him to take the protective cover off his phone--that was why he couldn't hear very well.  Live and learn, and he's learning I-phone on the fly.

And I'll watch him.  I'm an old dog.  I'm thinking that the new trick I might be willing to learn is a Nook or Kindle.  Though I do love the feel of a book in my hands, there is some advantage to these when traveling.  Just saying.  Hint, hint.  Beve...Beve?

And that's about it tonight.  Nothing profound.  Nothing spiritual.  And stuff, which is ironic, considering what I wrote about yesterday.  But I'm nothing if not a bundle of contradictions.  I suppose we all are to a certain extent.  Our aim is to lessen the contradictions.  As we become more like Him, I believe this happens...
But I think a Nook would help.  I mean, there are a lot of great classics I could put on it, right?
Oh great, add a little justifying to my contradictions.  Better just quit while I'm behind.

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