Thursday, February 24, 2011


Between "Is one better or two?" questions behind the strange eye apparatus at the vision clinic this afternoon, our eye doctor asked me how to witness to people 'sitting in the chair', as he put it.  This isn't the first time we've talked about our faith.  In fact, even before he's putting the dilating drops into my eyes, he's talking about all the things he's struggling with--being a foster parent (which he and his wife feel called to do), trying to be a witness to those he works with--'all of whom are liberal, non-believing people;' as if liberal and non-believing are synonymous (but that's a different story).  How to share the gospel...

I told him that I think sharing the gospel is not always about speaking so much as it is being a Christian.  For example, Beve works in a public school.  It's almost impossible for him to speak his faith to those he encounters.  Our eye doctor said, "But there's clearly something different about him, like there's a light on that is different than in most people."  Exactly, I answered.  That's the Light that came into the world that cannot be hidden under a bushel.  That's the light people see when they talk to Beve.  They don't always know what they're looking at, but they certainly see the light.  Dr. K looked at me for a moment, with his head cocked like a puppy trying to understand what I was saying.  "Thank you for sharing that with me," he finally said.  Then he asked, "Is three better or four?" as he adjusted the machine.

I sat there thinking about how difficult we make 'testifying' about Jesus.  We worry about it, wring our hands, tie ourselves into knots and work ourselves into a sweaty mess because we think it's something unnatural.  But it isn't.  Talking about Jesus is talking about our lives, our own lives.  Here's the thing:  in a professional situation, we might naturally hesitate to tell intimate details of our lives with our loved ones--and it is right and prudent that this should be so.  However, should the subject arise, we wouldn't hesitate to answer questions about those loved ones.  And it seems to me that Jesus is my first loved one.  So sometimes I talk about Him.  The subject comes up.  And other times I don't speak of Him.  But my goal is to live as His.  Then whether I have a chance to speak, or only my actions speak, others will see the Light of Him shining out of my life.
And that's my testimony for the day.

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