Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rants and raves

Years ago I wrote what was one of our favorite Christmas letters of all time.  It was a theme letter, in which I divided the year into "Rants and Raves."  Today, for no particular reason, other than that it's Saturday, I thought I'd post a "Rants and Raves", if not of the year, at least of my current life.

  • The redundant commercials during the NCAA basketball tournament, particularly the car insurance one where the woman asks for, and gets, a new and more studly boyfriend.  This makes the boyfriend ask for a hot girlfriend in return, at which point the girlfriend gets bent out of shape that he doesn't find her perfect as she is.  This makes me mad every time I see it.  It's okay for her to care about his hotness factor, but not visa versa?  What a double standard, and how superficial anyway.
  •  The high cost of pet ownership.  Lately, our big Lug has been nickel and dime-ing us to death.  He's currently wearing what we affectionately call "the cone of shame" because he has a laceration in his left eye-ball that isn't healing.  The vet thought he was worrying it, but we know better.  We know that our smaller, more energetic Spaniel continually jumps at his face, trying to rile him to 'love and good works', er, play, and probably exacerbates the eye.  His cone (which looks very much like a pioneer woman's bonnet in shape) protects him from her.  But you should see him try to groom himself through the plastic.  It would be funny, if it wasn't so sad.
  • My dang-iddy-dang-dang leg.  I started a new med and was hopeful that it was actually getting better.  But these last few days I've realized that was just wishful thinking.  There I was getting my hopes up, beginning to dream of finding a job, being able to actually do more than survive my life.  And it's discouraging.
  • Missing a few important 'last' things of SK's college life.  Her last choir concert.  We are so present for our children's 'first' things, but often have no choice but to miss the last things.  In fact, we seldom even know when those last things come.  The last time a child sits on our lap, the last time we feed him or her or the last time we read one a story.  I remember my mother talking about this, in relation to her youngest child, and I vowed to pay better attention.  But there's really no way to do it.  We just live and happily so.  We let our children go, because we're in the business of raising them to be independent.  To be free of us...and if we do our jobs well, we don't let them know that it's hard that their freedom cuts a little.  
  •  It's spring. The daffodils are blooming.  Beve and E are mowing lawns again.  Though one might think (by one, I mean Beve) this should be a rant, I love that they come in smelling of grass.  The smell of freshly cut grass is one of my all-time favorite smells in the world.  I remember it on my small children's cheeks when they'd come in after playing outside.  It made me know we were headed toward summer.  And summer...well, I have to admit, if I could always be headed toward summer, I'd be content.
  • SK's graduating from college. Her whole life is spread out in front of her and before it begins she'll be home with us for the summer.  I've missed her, and can hardly wait to be with her for a long expanse of time.  And to see what God has planned for her next.
  • The trips and visits planned for this summer.  They are myriad and varied.  Beve's brother and daughter come from Finland for the summer (she of the aborted Christmas trip).  In July Beve and I will go the east coast to spend a week with his two oldest friends and their wives, some of our very favorite people on the whole earth.  Then my sister and I will meet up in Boston to visit BB and his wife and our nephew and his.  I'll get home from that trip in time to kiss Beve, wash my clothes, then head east of the mountains to see 'the girls', women I've been friends with for 40 years.  Yes, it'll be a rich summer.  I'm looking forward to it.  
  • The books on my Kindle.  I've been squirreling away really meaty books for the long plane rides.  A new memoir by Eugene Peterson called Pastor. Wendell Berry's Imagination In Place. A biography about Cleopatra.  A book by Earnest Shackleton I haven't read.  I'm LOVING the Kindle.  More than I expected.  Yep, I'm a believer.
  • J's finally recovering from his latest surgery and is finally going back to work in a few weeks.  It's been almost a year.  This is such a rave, I can hardly believe it.  Thank God.  Really, thank God.
  • Jesus.  That's it.  Just Jesus.  Need I say more?


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