Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

My personal history of Mother's Day, via pictures:

First, with my mother.  If you squint, you can see Mount Rainier over her right shoulder (it's easier to see in the actual photograph).   And this other photo with her, which I've always loved, because I'm looking at her, and clearly love her.  It might not have lasted, but it was there then, and that makes it sweet.
Then, with each of my grandmothers:

This is my maternal grandmother, Grandmom.  I'm the child between my grandparents with sand all over heself.  My older brother is sitting on Grandmom's lap.  I'm pretty sure it was at Long Beach, WA, where they owned property.  I remember driving out onto the beach (which you can't do any more), and even this old station wagon of my grandparents...or maybe I just remember the pictures.
And with my paternal grandmother, Grandmomie.  OK, go ahead and laugh. In my defense, let me just say that I like the color orange.  And that to have something like Grandmomie was unbelievably special.  You can't imagine.  AND, I can guarantee the wind was whipping my dress because there's no earthly way I was as chubby as I look in this picture...not until the last 25 years, I mean.

Wait, how did this get in here? Hmm... Just a gratuitous picture of my dad and me that I couldn't resist. And one of my sisters where, if you didn't know us, you'd think us, well , I don't know what you'd think us, but whatever it is, you'd probably be wrong, except about me.  Anyway, have a chuckle on me, ( family!):

On to the other, more significant, part of Mother's Day:

E and me: she's about 2 1/2. Beve always called this his award winning photo.

J and me sharing a moment his first Christmas.

SK at about 3 years old, sitting pensively on our back deck.

And let me not forget the tall handsome man with a great heart who made me a mother, has been such a great dad.  I couldn't have done it without him, of course, but wouldn't be the mother I am without his wisdom and humor.  Thank God.  We're all dressed up for Easter when the children were in 4th, 2nd and Kindergarden (the girls in dresses made from the last of the bridesmaid material from our wedding!).

So, to those who mothered me, and to those I've had the privilege of mothering, thank you.  God knew what I needed when He gave me this life.  For better or worse. It's always that way.  My children are always the better!

The End.

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