Monday, May 16, 2011

A plethora

Home from Spokane. 
SK is a college graduate!
We spent the last three days celebrating in many and varied ways.  I'm a little too tired tonight to write about it all, but let me just say that Whitworth University knows how to send their graduates out into the world with intention, prayer and vigor, reminding them that they now and forever after belong not only to God and His Kingdom, but also to the small corner of it that is the Whitworth community.

We moved from event to event, intermingling those with frenzied moments of packing SK's life.  We drove off this morning with a U-Haul behind us, leaving our newest college graduate over there, hanging with her peeps, cleaning her house before she goes on a road trip with her closest friends to So Cal. We saw old friends, even older friends, new old friends and were blessed by it all. SK was the last--the literal last--person in her class to cross the stage to receive her diploma, embodying the phrase, "saving the best for last!"

But there's more.  A plethora more. Deeper, wider and richer than these bald facts.  And I dare not attempt to write of them tonight when I can hardly think.  So prepare yourselves for a week's worth of ponderings about the weekend's worth of meeting God. 
And now, if you'll excuse me, my bed is calling my name.

Oh, and did I mention that SK is a college graduate?

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