Sunday, May 29, 2011


I've spent the last two days weaving down the hallway like a drunken sailer, holding on the the walls like it was about to rise up and hit me if I wasn't careful, my head spinning like a top.  And I hadn't even had a good time to have told about it, or forgotten about it. Hadn't had a drink too many, or even a drink at all, simply the dizziness that makes the world spin on its axis, making me want to take to my bed with my eyes firmly closed, hoping it'll disappear when I next open them.  No such luch--at least not over this holiday weekend.  So I grab the walls and keep walking.  Stare down my dizziness as though that has a chance in the world of doing any good.  I steadied my gaze on my sewing machine, in hopes that the single-minded pursuit and focus would keep my head from rolling off its axis.  However, the moment  I raise my head, it all comes rushing back to meet me--the dizziness, the floor which seems to have grown waves like the ocean, waves which my landlocked legs have no hope of navigating with out listing off into the sea.  Lest you thin I'm exaggerating, you should ask Beve or E just how much I resemble the drunken sailor I'm calling myself.  All I need is a peg leg and an eye patch and it's the pirate's life, I tell you. Yo, ho, ho ain't all the legends might have you believe.

Therefore, because I have am actually attempting to write this post mostly with my eyes closed, the possibility of profundity or even thoughtfulness is unlikely. So I'll resort to a more prosaic post. A simpler offering: some photographs of my recent quilting projects.  With any luck, I'll manage to accomplish that one small task.

These are the two sides of a duvet cover I made for our friends who have been our hosts, SK's surrogate parents, nurse, counselor, friend, and a plethora of other things during her years at Whitworth.  It was a small enough gift for all the ways they've blessed us and her with their love, patience, wisdom and presence in her life and ours.  We are abundantly grateful, and I hope that as they are covered by this duvet they are always aware that we take none of it for granted--not what they've done for SK, for us, or for any of the many, many others who have come through their lives.

A peacock-hued lap-quilt I made for SK a year ago, but never managed to get a picture of.  She loves these colors.  Always has. Always will.  It's my version of a scrap quilt, I suppose.

A little lap quilt I laid out on the floor one afternoon from some scraps, and before I finished playing with it, it was this.  And by the time I'd finished quilting it, I knew who it was meant to belong to, though I wasn't aiming for her when I started.  I don't know why, but it's hers and God knows.  And may it bless her as she's blessed SK's life in these last several years.  

I told Beve a few weeks ago that I wanted to make a lap quilt for him. But because he's a legal giant, his lap quilt is approximately the size of a normal person's twin bed quilt (or maybe just a bit larger!). Anyway, here it is.  These are Ty Pennington fabrics, and, believe it or not, Beve actually chose them from my well-stocked (I'm almost embarrassed to say how well-stocked) shelves of fabric.  It may be hard to tell from this photo but they're peach and light blue and brown.  I told him I could either use the fabric with a white contrast (which I already had) or I could buy some brown.  He said, "I think it would be fine if you bought some brown."  If you know how often he rolls his eyes as I buy fabric you'd find this comment very illuminating.  But he has good taste--the brown works, I think!

Last summer when Beve's middle brother and wife were here visiting, my sister in law and I were talking about my quilting, and she said she loves the color teal, and is really drawn to Asian prints.  I immediately took her into my sewing room and showed her a set of coordinating fabrics I'd had for over a year, not knowing what their purpose would be.  She couldn't believe it--they were exactly the colors she loved, even down to the gold flecks in them.  So I told her I'd make her a quilt with them.  Someday.  And I finally, finally got to it.  The list has been long, but it's done.  I think she might have even forgotten.  The second picture is the back.  I've been wanting to try my hand at creating a plaid, so this is my attempt.  It might not show up very well in the photo, but it was an interesting exercise.

And that's all I've got...for now.  There are more in the works, of course.  There always are.  I have nephews I've never made quilts for...which I really want to, but only if they let me know what colors they like.  (That's a hint, boys!)

And some relatives coming from far away might--I say, MIGHT--just have to make space in their bags for the trip home.  

But for now, I must lay down my spinning head.

PS. Sorry about the typos.  E started laughing when she read this post.  I came back and corrected them, but that's what happens in this state of dizziness.  Teach me to type with my eyes closed!

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