Sunday, June 5, 2011

First class lounge

I had a completely different post in mind for this lovely Sunday evening, when the sun is setting over the bay in pastel stripes.  It's finally nice here.  Nice as in the sun has been shining all weekend and we're all holding our breaths that summer is actually going to come this year for all that spring barely did.  I was going to wax all poetic about the change in seasons or some such thing.

Then SK found a box of pictures and I was going to post  a few of them, except that I can't make Beve's computer upload them the way mine does, and mine has powered down for the last time.  One of the pictures SK found was a very pretty one of E and her best friend CC, when we all went to tea half a decade ago.  Tonight, as I write this, E and CC are flying across the Atlantic.  They spent most of the day in the First Class Lounge in JFK due to a six hour layover which made their trip sponsors VERY angry, which made their travel agent pony up for the first class lounge.  And, for those of you who don't often spend time in the rarified air of such places, it's all free--food, drink and wi-fi--up there in first-class, even in the airport.  Not to worry, though, these young women will return to earth soon enough.  They only have 5-Star hotels to stay in once they land.  Poor things. Really.  I don't know how they'll manage.

As I keep saying, this is NOT their parents' trip.

But I did start thinking about blessing.  I am struck with the thought that I already have everything I'll ever need in Jesus.  When someone asks, 'how can I pray for you?; the answer is, ' I already have it all.  I have been given all.  There is nothing else.'  My life is like a five-star hotel, like the first-class lounge.  The only thing, the only thing, is to apprehend Him more and need the world less.  It's what I've been going on about for a long time, I suppose.  But the idea of blessing is an Old Testament idea.  Do you know what I mean by this?  At specific times, for specific purposes, people were granted blessings.  Sons by their fathers, kings by their God.  People called out to do something extraordinary were blessed, then empowered to the task.  However, in the New Testament, the cross and the resurrection is THE blessing (and yes, I am grouping these events as one blessing because one is dependent on the other).  We have been given the riches of eternity because of--and BY--the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, so to want blessings, or more blessings is...well, how can we want more than everything?  I mean, really?  He is ALL.  There is no other blessing, thing, honor, riches, pearl.  At least none that last. So when we ask for earthly blessings, aren't we--in some sense--asking for something counterfeit, glittery and valueless?  Dust?

It's because we don't understand what He's done and given and keeps giving, that we keep craving things that turn to dust.

Yet, still I live here.
That's the truth.  I live here too.
As hard as that is to admit, even to myself, I want things.  I want my children to be blessed. And my beloved Beve.  I want to know what it would feel like to live a single hour without pain.  I want that. I want my life to be blessed as much as the next person, and not have to go looking for the blessing in the broken places.

So I thank God that I don't live my life alone, because if left to my own devices, I'd get so far off track, I'd spin out of control.  I thank God for the 'being saved' ones who point me on the way, who actually embody your whisper, "This--this--this is the way, don't turn to the left or right."  We need each other.  We need to talk together, like one woman talks to another, and know that God is there--honest and unflinching, loving and frustrated and thankful and scared.  When we have people like this in our lives, and can be our unfolded selves with them, God reveals again what blessings He intends for His children.  The abundant life blessings, I mean. The heaped upon blessings, above all we could ask or think blessings.  That's up to Him, you know.  We already have everything in Jesus.  Then He gives us more.

These earthly riches, these first class lounges and five star hotels may turn to dust, but if our feet are right, and our eyes turned toward Him, we won't even notice.

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