Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stepping Out

Spent the day in Seattle with my daughters who will move there at the end of the month.  That is, of course, if the one apartment of the many we viewed today, the one they fell in love with on the spot, is the one they're approved for.  I'm telling you, the rental market down there is like a feeding frenzy.  At one place where E had made an appointment, six other prospective renters also showed up at exactly the same time for the same appointment.  One woman was so put off that an agent would schedule appointments in such a fashion she almost didn't stick around to see the place (almost, I say).   Another woman showed us a two bedroom apartment so small a bed could hardly fit in the smaller bedroom, and a person could sit on the toilet and turn on the shower with one hand and the water in the sink with the other.  That woman said that she'd had two dozen people call about this tiny apartment in the first hour it was posted. 

So it was a long day and a hard search.  SK had an interview at the theater where she'll be interning for the year, and we met a couple of her friends for lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant in the U district.  So it wasn't all apartment hunting.  But plenty of hours were spent simply driving around the Green Lake, Greenwood area (somewhat between the places where the three women who will share this not-yet-leased apartment). 

Just yesterday when I found those old journal entries, I found a 'Valentine' I'd written for Beve many years ago. It was a compliation of journal entries from the first time I wrote about him until that Valentines Day.  Quite the project. Anyway, in one entry, I wrote about how Beve and I were worrying about our house in Tacoma selling.  E, who was not quite six years old at the time, piped up that night, "Don't worry, God already knows the people who will buy our house."  It completely settled me down that night. Reminded me again, as HE intended, that He's sovereign, that HE's in control.  Out of the mouths of our children came truth...so many times.

But those very words kept reverberating today as well.  God already knows what apartment will be their home.  He will order their paths.  I believe this.  I stake my life on it.  They aren't sitting in our house waiting for something to drop out of the sky for them; but in the end, God must provide. God MUST make the way for them.  Where to live, where to work, where to worship. God must make the way. 

I have said this before, but it bears repeating, I am convinced that when we step out in faith, God answers.  And the more we risk, the more we get to see Him in action, because we have placed more in His hands.  I've seen it over and over in my own and many other lives.  You ask anyone who's gone overseas on a misson trip and they'll tell you--they stepped out of their comfort zone where they could only trust Him and He became more real to them than ever before.  And it is transforming!  FOREVER.

So this move for my daughters and their friend, CC.  Taking a risk, stepping out to the thin limbs of a tree.  Two will go to graduate school. One will intern.  None yet has a job. But all have faith that He is in it.  And we have sensed His call and see Him moving here.  And believe He will go before them, and follow after them. 

Stepping out from the trunk of the tree--no easy thing.  It's scary out there.  But He already knows.  He already knows your future...and it's secure.

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