Thursday, September 29, 2011

Short and...

Short and...well, just short today.  Too much to do. Steve left yesterday morning at the absolutely frightful hour of 3 AM for Indianapolis, where he's at a meeting about Financial Aid.  Sounds absolutely fascinating.  Really, hold me back!  He only got about 1.5 hours of sleep Tuesday/Wednesday before he arrived there yesterday afternoon but when I talked to him last night, I told him that would be okay since the meeting was sure to be a snoozer.  Just this small thing reminds me of how different people are, and that it takes all of us to make a community--the Body, as the New Testament would put it, the People as the Old would.  Beve's part is often helping teenagers move on from free education to college that costs arms and legs and body parts they'll have to grow over the next ten to twenty years, if they could do such a thing.  I'm telling you, I think back on what I my parents paid for my college tuition--even out-of-state at two institutions, it was NOTHING compared to the costs today.  So if Beve and these intrepid counselors from all over the country can get some aid in aiding their students in finding aid (do you like all those aids?), it's a very good thing.

Just beyond me.  That's all I'm saying.

In a few hours I'll leave town for the weekend as well. My sisters and I are getting together at our family's cabin.  I'm meeting one in Seattle, then we'll pick up the other at SeaTac, then head back north to Whidbey Island.  So I'll be out of internet range for the next few days.  During that time I expect to do a ridiculous amount of talking, a significant amount of eating (the Dump has to eat at least 4 desserts a day, and one must be some form of chocolate.  And, despite the fact that she was the chubbiest of us as a child, she is now the thinnest.  Well, here's the truth: according to my recent perusal of old family photographs, her weight probably hasn't fluctuated since high school.  It's just that RE and I look quite a bit different than we did 35+ years ago). We'll tramp through the woods, sit around a fire, then Sunday morning, race into Seattle to have tea with our lovely Aunt.  Ah yes, a perfect sister weekend.

And I'm not fogetting my sisters' t-shirt this time. I might even come back with photographs to prove it.

So, see you Monday.

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Elle said...

The tuition fees are probably the only reason I haven't moved over there to live and study. I take pride in the free Finnish system.

I'm also a bit jealous of your weekend-to-be at Whidbey. What a great place! Enjoy! :)