Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Once more under the knife

The motto around here lately has been "A crisis a day."  And though I have a master's degree in being overly dramatic, this is no exaggeration.  Well, maybe just a little one. Anyway, we aren't catching our breath much, I can tell you that.  We've just gotten Grampie settled back at home, gotten his assisted living sorted, his medications organized, and now something new pops up.

Actually, it isn't completely new.  For the last several weeks, I've had continual pain in my gut, particularly after eating.  I saw my doctor about ten days ago, who told me that the MRI done while I was in the hospital in October showed a good sized gall stone, which might be the cause.  He wanted to refer me to a surgeon, and I stubbornly agreed to only see the best in town who happens to be an old friend--a man who, with his family, went on a couple of mission trips to Mexico I led six or seven years ago.  I love that he loves the Lord, his family and is very good at his job. However, everyone else in town wants him to do their surgeries as well. The 'next available' appointment with him was November 21.

Let me tell you, the ten days since that appointment with my doctor has been pretty hard going.  I've tried fat-free foods, no food, the 'gall-bladder diet' and still my gut hurts. Finally I returned to my doctor Monday to see if he could push to get me into see the surgeon sooner.  Beve wanted to call the surgeon at home, but I felt uncomfortable about that, since we haven't seen him (or his family) in probably four years. But when I got to the doctor on Monday, I'd lost 6 pounds from my previous visit.  That's 6 pounds in a single week.  Now that might not seem like much to you, but for a 54 year old, non-active woman, that's a whole lot! It didn't take much convincing for them to try to get me into the surgeon sooner than the 21st. Jodi (my doctor's really fine nurse!)  came back into the room while I was still talking with my dr. and said, "Either he or someone from his office will call you in the morning."
 "Tell him it's me," I called as she was closing the door.
 My doctor said, "They'll know it's you when they see your name."  Oh yeah, right. I felt a little foolish. Or a lot.

But I told you I haven't been feeling very well.  Anyway, I got in to see him this morning.  Before I even got to the appointment, I'd gotten a call to go in to the surgery center to fill out paper work for my upcoming procedure. When Dr VG first came into the room, he said, "Why are we talking about surgery when you haven't even had an ultrasound yet?"  But ten minutes later, after listening to my symptoms, and looking at the MRI, he said, "I'm canceling the ultra-sound. There's no reason for it.  Let's get this thing out of there."

So Tuesday.  In the meantime, I'll hang in there.  Breathe in, breathe out.  And pay more attention to what I eat than I ever have in my life. Little meals of fruits and vegetables...looking for protein wherever I can find it. Praying through the pain. It's crazy.  But hopefully, I'll be better in time to eat a real Thanksgiving dinner.

Between now and then (and even afterwards) how often I post remains to be seen.
I'll let you know.

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