Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Much delayed latest quilts

It's been a very long time since I posted any photos of my quilting projects. This isn't because I've stopped quilting or lost interest; it's merely a matter of technology knocking me on the head--new computer, new camera, old me--you know how these things go. As per usual. But I think I've whipped that particular dragon for the moment.

So here are some offerings of what has kept me occupied in the last several months (actually all the way back to last year, come to think of it!).

These are the quilts I made for our Finnish family last summer.  They're not quite bed-sized because they had to be carried on airplanes across the world, but they made it, and just yesterday, when we spoke to Beve's brother, he said he has his (the bottom one) on his bed for the winter.

The next group from top to bottom:
Grampie and Thyrza's Christmas gift quilt.

Christmas tree skirt for my sister and her husband.

Quilts made for SK and E, made from Beve's mom's fabric (including velvet, suede, all kinds others...and one piece of silk which my dad brought home from China in 1984 and I couldn't resist including because it matched), meant to evoke stained-glass windows (she made many such windows). The girls LOVE these quilts, which thrilled me because I was slightly worried about how they'd turn out with so many types and no real pattern. Phew. The backs are simple and I actually think they could be used as tops too.

My first attempt at both applique and hand-quilting--intended to be a lap-quilt, until Beve saw it, loved it and wanted it for our bed. It turned out better than I expected. I might have to try it again (though on something a bit smaller!).

A quilt sized precisely for my half of our king-sized bed because I'm always much colder than Beve.  It works perfectly. However, when Grampie was in the rehab center after his broken hip, he slept under it. It also fits a hospital bed quite precisely as well.

A gratuitous picture of my niece with her adorable baby, JR. Just couldn't resist.  He's just as chubby as a baby should be. I don't have a photo handy of the quilt I made for him, but he uses it to exercise those very strong, who-could-possibly-keep-up-with-them baby legs and arms!

E and I counted up the other day that I've made over 60 quilts in the last three years, so I guess I'm no longer an amateur, which is kind of a drag because now more is expected of me. Sigh.  It seems to me that in some ways, we're always amateurs.  Aren't we?  Yes, yes, I realize that the definition on this earth of 'professional' means one who is paid to do something, but I'm thinking of a more spiritual meaning. I'm thinking about how God looks at our own professionalism. Our own proficiency, I suppose one could say. And this is where I think we fall short. A good deal short most of the time, at least left to our own devices.  Either one deludes herself into thinking she's better than she is, or knows that at some moment, this day or the next, the gig will be up and everyone around will realize it was all smoke and mirrors. And I'm not just talking about quilting, of course. In every walk of life, no matter what we're doing, we hover between the two--confidence and concern.  But those who walk a life worthy of the gospel, whose aim is to please HIM have another-centric way of looking at the whole of it.  It changes the whole ethic.  Our pursuits, whether they're in the workplace or the hobby-room, are based on the notion that whatever we do, we do with a heart aimed toward His Kingdom.  I guess what I'm saying is that I'll gladly be amateur on my own, if He works within me to be the righteousness HE intends me to be in this world in His place.

Happy workday to those of you who are at work today. "Do your work heartily, as unto God, rather than humans." That's the sum of it. As usual, Paul's succinct words are better than mine.


Elle said...

I miss the warmth of that quilt you made me like crazy! I wish I'd had room in my suitcase and I would've taken it with me!

jeskmom said...

Next time, listen to your mother when she says it'll be cold, right?