Monday, February 27, 2012


Because it's a Monday morning,
And because I'm a little tired,
And have a headache
And just plain feel like it,

Here's a collection of my recent quilts. Hard to imagine (even to me) how I managed to make ANY in the craziness that has been our lives, but they settle me, create a rhythm of prayer and meditation that I find increasingly necessary, and I'm enough of my father's child that having a finished product is worthwhile to me. Also enough of my mother's that cleaning my house is NOT the finished product to which I'm inclined.

From top to bottom: A wall hanging for the girls' bedroom, a chair cover for the dogs (which Jamaica is so kindly demonstrating!), a baby quilt, another baby quilt, and a 'Christmas' quilt for my middle sister, which she finally received our weekend at Whidbey.

And I'll leave you with this lovely picture of Grampie and Thyrza surrounded by four of their grandchildren (E is the only female pictured and J is in the middle) and Beve.

that's as good a reason as any, I suppose.Hope your day and week start better than mine and pick up steam. But more than that, I pray that He walks with you in your day and week, no matter how much energy you have, how much sleep you've gotten or how much work you have to do. May He be more in you than you are in yourself.


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