Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flying Away

I was looking for an old post in which I posted photos of my father-in-law, and so doing, somehow, accidentally published a draft which had been languishing in the drafty closet where all my unwanted, unfinished drafts languish. So you got two for the price of one yesterday, and saw all those lovely photos of my mom, sisters and me. And, oddly, my current computer is also on the fritz, I am, once again, using Beve's, and could feasibly have found those pictures just yesterday. But I didn't.

Yesterday was a different sort of day all together. Yesterday Thyrza and Beve got in a car and drove away, the first leg on their trip across the country. Thyrza closed (and carefully locked) the door of her somewhat empty apartment (we still have a bit of moving to do--and she told me three times to 'ship me anything you think I might want!'), then went over to the care facility to say goodbye to Grampie. On Valentine's Day. Their 19th Anniversary. Beve told me later that those last moments were rather anticlimatic after the fraught-with-confusion-and-emotion ones of the evening before, which I think was a huge relief to him. Maybe to all of us. There has been so much sadness in this. So to simply say goodbye calmly, then be wheeled in different directions--it was like God, the comforter, stepped in, put His hand on each shoulder and reminded Him that "this separation is but for a moment...weeping may last for the night (the night of life on earth) but joy comes in the morning (the morning of being in His throne-room with the great throng worshipping Him!)."

They stopped by here quickly on their way south and while Beve retrieved the clothes I'd packed for him and gave me a quick kiss goodbye J and I each hugged Thyrza goodbye (quick and without ceremony, which suited J quite well) then they were off--only two hours later than Beve'd hoped. That's not too bad, considering how slowly this ninety-three year old moves. Off to sit in rush-hour traffic, then to dinner with the girls. And finally to bed near the airport because the flight was early and Thyrza gets up at 6 AM for an 11 AM doctor's appointment, just to get herself ready.

This morning, Beve texted me just after passing security that Thyrza had set off the RED Security Alarm, and her stuff was being combed through. A second text said she'd been taken to a room to search her for explosives. "No kidding!" he had to tell me, because seriously? She actually looks like a security risk? I could imagine her having a meltdown at the people daring to strip-search her. Obviously, they came up empty, and THANKFULLY, she was went with the flow. She was living on one hot chocolate high after another, Beve said. He intended to get her another just for surviving that (making it her third cup of the day).

So now they're winging their way across the country. Enroute to Baltimore, by way of Dallas. Of course. If you look at a map of this country, you'll realize that to get to Baltimore the fastest route is through Dallas. Just like the fastest route to Pittsburgh is through Atlanta, or to Boston is through Charlotte. I wonder if airlines actually HAVE maps of the United States in front of them when they plan air-routes.

Anyway, I'm proud of this work my Beve does today. It's the hard work of a son who loves his father. I guess you could say, it's his Valentine to Grampie--this practically caring for Thyrza. The packing up of her life, and now the actually carrying her to her new life.  He's a good son.

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